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1941 Third Grade Class With Irene Elliott (Class 3-C)
1955 Navy-Whirley-Bird
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
1961 Third Grade Class with Corinne Klann
1957 Lynda Samuelson, Student Teacher And Student
1943 Sixth Grade Science
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students
1946 Baseball With Norman Nelson And Robert Ludwick, Student Teachers
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1941 Fourth Grade Science Project With Frank Shiers, Student Teacher
1980 Musicians Entertain on Viking Unon Plaza
1933 Second Grade Assembly
1965 Girls Playing Basketball
1950 Kindergarten Class
1920 Children In Classroom (Primary Grade)
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
1965 Boys Playing Basketball
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
1959 Music Time
1963 First Grade Class with Katherine Casanova
1929 First Grade Class Planning Its Garden
1943 Campus School Building Main Entrance With Students
1970 Addition Plaza
1936  Reading Time (First Grade)
1967 Reading Center
1943 Fifth Graders At Lunch In The Dining Room
1947 Physical Education Activities With Ruth Weythman
1963 Third Grade Class with Clark Brown
1967 Mayo Williams Teaching
1961 Fourth Grade Class with Charles Miller
1965 Girls Practicing Foul Shots for Basketball
1942 Seventh Grade Class Singing (Class 7-B)
1961 Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1965 Floor Game
1965 Physical Education Time
1930 Japanese Domestic Scene--Tea Ceremony  (Second Grade)
1961 Students Helping with Textbooks
1967 Reading Center
1947 Marjorie Muffley Beams Her Ever-Present Smile At The Faculty Reception During Opening Week
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1965 Boys Playing Flag Football
1950 Fifth Grade Girls Modeling Clay with Mrs. Beltz, Student Teacher
1961 Sixth Grade Class with Harold Winslow
1950 Fourth Grade With Zona Daverin, Student Teacher
1959 Classroom Science Activities
1946 Jeanne Landers Discusses Art With Kindergarteners
1948 Junior High Square Dance Group
1965 Leslie Crawford and Students on One of Campus School's Ramps
1943 Woodworking
1945 Katherine Casanova In Classroom
1965 Red Rover
1965 Fourth Grade Class
1948 Katherine Casanova With Students
1960 Cafeteria/Coffee Shop
1965 Girl Jumping
1946-47 First Grade Girls
1948 Pearl Merriman With Student
1965 Floor Games
1934 Pattison Twins Waiting For The Street Car At Holly and G Streets
1965 Girls Doing Basketball Drills (Foul Shots)
1947 Marjorie Muffly, Physical Education
1930 Training School Theatrical Production
1965 Third Grade Playing Red Rover
1942 Orchestra
1930 Fourth Grade Reading Hour In The Children's Library
1925 Training School Girl in Costume
1971 Students in Snow
1949 Pearl Merriman With Students
1942 Fifth Grade At Work (Class 5-B)
1965 Girls Basketball Team
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students
1955 Football Practice
1975 Addition Plaza
1947 Kindergartners Learn to Swim
1967 Jay Van Wingerden
1960 Reading Group
1978 Ride-Share/Commuter Car Pool Board
1963 Second Grade Class  with Goldie Vitt
1965 Girls Playing Softball
1967 Puppet Show
1935 Happy Campus Schooler Campers
1948 Junior High Square Dance Group
1940 Ninth Grade Class Play
1965 Classroom Scene, Working with Rocks
1967 Jon Bartholick
1948 Five Year Olds With Paint And Brush
1966 Third Grade Class with Karen Olson
1949 Class Day
1961 Second Grade Class with Mary Irvin
1965 Third Grade Class
1951 Carole and Mary Looysen
1965 Boys Playing Flag Football
1948 We Live And Learn
1965 Boy Climbing Rope
1947 Mira Booth With Students
1937 Sixth Grade Class
1945 The Saint Bernards!
1942 Boys Reading (Class 2-C)
1964 Second Grade with Goldie Vitt
1949 Ruth Kelsey With Student
1927 Campus Day: Stilts Race
1941 Fourth Grade Science Project With Frank Shiers, Student Teacher
1949 Priscilla Kinsman With Students
1981 Additon Plaza
1942 Sixth Grade (Class 6-A)
1925 John Kienast And Classmate in Costumes
1944 Barbara Welsh, Sara Rankin, and Lee Thompson
1964 Kindergarten Class with Synva Nicol
1967 Reading Center
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1965 Classroom Scene, Working with Rocks
1946 Judy Templin
1967 Reading Center
1943 Second Grade Science
1971 Viking Union Addition: Interior
1965 Boy Doing the High Jump
1962 Fifth Grade Class with Thomas Stevens
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
1943 Building Boats In Fourth Grade Workroom
1943 Building Boats in Fourth Grade Workroom
1940 Snack Time (Class 1-A)
1970 Bond Hall: Stairway
1971 Addition Coffee Shop
1925 Training School Student in Rabbit Costume with Older Student
1946 Sixth Grade Students With Norman Dahl, Student Teacher
1946 Judy Templin At Myrna Dahl's
1965 Floor Game
1942 Campus Junior High Students
1959 Square Dancing
1951 Campus Elementary School
1948 Five Year Olds With Paint and Brush
1943 Choir Time
1946 Junior High Students In Pool Supervised by Leonard Barnhill
1942 Ninth Grade Students With Miss Melendy (Class 9-C)
1935 Theatrical Production With Knights and Knighthood Theme
1965 First Grade Class
1946 Sixth Grade Industrial Arts Activities
1967 French Skit
1964 Doug MacKay And Peter Mitchell
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1942 Ninth Grade With Mr. Butz (Class 9-B)
1946 Bobby Rice and Ann Cilley with Miss Casanova
1943 Christmas Stories (Grade Five)
1943 Campus School Administrative Suite
1942 Fourth Grade Students (Class With Miss Caldwell And Miss Thiel (Class 4-B)
1966 Fourth Grade Class with Ted Mork
1934 Pattison Twins On Campus Near Library
1933 Campus School Fifth Grade Assembly
1959 Reading Time
1965 Girls Playing Basketball (Shooting Foul Shot)
1953 Summer School Projects
1944 Studying the Seashore
1943 First Grade Lunch Hour
1941 Reading Time (Class 2-A)
1967 Reading Center
1943 Technique Class
1980 Addition Exterior Deck With View Over Bellingham
1943 Campus School Building Main Entrance With College Students
1935 Reading Corner