1872 - 2013
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Methodist-Episcopal Church at Clinton and J Streets - Exterior corner view of church with steeple
Farhaven Park, 1918
Fairhaven High School cheerleaders pose outside school
Part of sailing vessel near dock in Bellingham Bay, with log boom behind and cut lumber on dock in foreground
Interior of Evertz Bronze Works showing molding process
1975 Addition, View From Garden Street
Close-up view of "sliming brush" machinery
Sternwheel-driven steam ship and dinghy on Bellingham Bay
Left side of panorama triptych including Bellingham Bay from Sehome Hill showing Morse Hardware's dock and warehouse on wharf at center of image
Fairhaven High School boy basketball player
Two men shovel snow from Great Northern Railroad tracks adjacent to Pacific American Fisheries salmon cannery warehouse
Three men stand outside Kulshan Cigar Store
View of town of Sehome with Bellingham Flour Mill Company and Pacific American Fishheries warehouses at shoreline
Industrial dockyard with powerplant at Bellingham, Washington (Pacific American Fisheries operation)
1972 Miller Hall
Man in labcoat and cap holds legs of snow crab while waiting for worker to use bandsaw to cut crab for packaging
Couple standing in front of house
Abandoned buildings with broken storefront windows
Classroom of high school history students and teacher
Pacific American Fisheries cannery docks in Fairhaven with steam-powered tugboats "Ernest A. Hamill", "John Cudahy" and "Charles Councilman"
Small, tabletop roll-paper automatic picture printer for photography
1980 Musicians Entertain on Viking Unon Plaza
A group of men in suits or work aprons, and two women in slacks, stand under awning of Union Printing Binding & Stationary
A group of Fairhaven High School students, most facing away from the camera,  wearing coats and hats, standing together in an outside, covered area, probably part of a school
Two men pose against fence in studio portrait
Bellingham & Northern railroad extends from foreground, passing under Great Northern Railroad trellis, with Bellingham shipyard on shore near mouth of Squalicum Creek
Industrial site on Bellingham waterfront
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra
Fire consumes top floor of triangular Bellingham Bay Furniture building, Bellingham, WA
Mt. Baker Marathon participants run through wooded trail
1930 Main Building
Knute Evertz operates drill press in his molding works
Gathering of woodworking union members with banners, including Fairhaven Lumber, Union No. 10, West Coast Shingle Weavers
Three male Fairhaven High School cheerleaders
Fairhaven High School girls pose in three rows for photograph
Two-story concrete building fronts a wood-planked street with railroad tracks in foreground
Studio portrait of Dr. E.T. Mathes
Studio portrait of unidentified older man
Steam-powered crane or pile driver lifts beams from rail car at Bellingham Bay T Mill
1927 Library Construction
Down Bellingham, Cornwall Avenue
Three young men play basketball in gymnasium
1961 Viking Commons: Exterior
Horse-drawn parade float of the MacAbees Club
Man uses froe to split wood from large log to create a beam
1969 Addition Construction With View of Bellingham Bay
1970 Addition Plaza
Fairhaven High School football player
Large gravel parking lot with boats in dry-dock and pile-driving barge in distance
View of rooftops of Fairhaven, Washington, with smokestacks
Four early model cars full of young soldiers in a line across cobblestone main street with onlookers to side
Two men and two women in coats and hats seated in front of trees
Crab processing facility showing workers packing crab into boxes.
Fish butchering machine and sliming brush in cannery
A view of Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington, from Pacific American Fisheries on waterfront towards Mt. Baker
Fairhaven High School girls' softball team and coach
Interior of port dock warehouse with bags, boxes, and barrels of goods
Pacific American Fisheries supply ship "Norwood" near PAF dock
Exterior of windowed storefronts on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA
Exterior of Larrabee family house under construction, Bellingham, Washington
1979 Canada House: Dedication
Fireplace at the Pickett House with portrait of General George A. Pickett hung above mantle
Birdseye view of lower end of Harris Avenue towards docks and Bellingham Bay
Four-masted lumber schooner is moored adjacent to dock piled with lumber
Youth marching band poses with "Bellingham Y.M.C.A. Washington" on drum in center
Men of unidentified fraternal organization and city officials stand in parade formation led by man on white horse on Holly Street, Bellingham, WA
Fairhaven High School boys basketball team with coach 
Large homes on Forest Street, Bellingham, Washington
Fairhaven high school football player
Studio portrait of R.N. Fredeen, Chief of Police, Bellingham Police Department
Earles Cleary Lumber Mill with lumber yard in foreground
Formally dressed African-American waitstaff pose in Fairhaven Hotel dining room with Christmas decorations
Composite of six formal portraits
Before filling Commercial Point
900 Block of Elk Street, Bellingham, Washington
Whatcom County Officials gather on steps of the County Courthouse
Ten members of the Fairhaven high school baseball team pose in uniform in two rows, with coaches at back
Fifteen uniformed members of Fairhaven Fire Department pose on steps
Bellingham City Hall building with clock tower, prior to being converted to museum
Log bridge over Whatcom Creek
Holly Street at approximately E Street, Bellingham, Washington
Docks covered with piles of cut lumber, with freight vessels moored in background
Fairhaven High School boys pose in rows on steps of school
1961 Main Entrance with High Street
Old Division Street, Whatcom, 1903
Vista of South Bellingham (Fairhaven, Washington) with 16th Street leading to horizon on left
Exterior of the Knox Block abandoned 2-story buildings, jpower lines, stop sign, boardwalk, and fire hydrant in foreground
A man and little boy stand with two draught horses hitched to a deliver wagon that reads B.L.&T.Co. in front of a warehouse, with four men in suits standing to the left
A low, wooden building bearing sign "Whatcom County Implement Co." sits at intersection of unpaved roads
Portside view of three-masted sailing vessel near dock where people await, with two rowboats in water
View from 12th street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, towards Bellingham Bay and Pacific American Fisheries facilities where a ship is docked
Freda Gwinn poses in automobile
Two rail tracks extend towards horizon
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra - Right half of photograph of seated orchestra
Three Fairhaven High School girls in letter jackets stand together
1961 Main Entrance
"The Gun That Killed The Pig"
Man stands behind giant propeller on hull of ship under construction
Several men apparently dressed in fraternal order garb watch a buggy driver struggle to lead a team of four horses
Six fishing boats with Pacific American Fisheries insignia in a line in dry dock
Spectators line Railroad Avenue, downtown Bellingham, Washington, as uniformed men on white horseback parade past.
View through trees from top of Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham, WA
Several men shovel snowfall from roof of Pacific American Fisheries dockside structures
Front exterior of two-story Queen Anne-style residence with picket fence
Young man in field
Children in pirate costume carry a litter with young girl in Tulip Festival Parade, Bellingham, WA, 1929
Hilltop view of Harris Avenue and Fairhaven, Washington with estuary waters in foreground
The boiler box of a very large steam engine rests on ground with wharf and warehouses in background
Display window outside Wahl's Department Store shows mannequins in fancy dress
E. B. Deming, President of Pacific American Fisheries (PAF), and his wife
Exterior of Pacific American Fisheries building being demolished after a fire
Aerial view of Whatcom Falls Mill Company on Bellingham Bay
Bellingham Bay Improvement Company Mill, 1890
Pacific American Fisheries' south Bellingham shipyard
Snow-dusted Whatcom Creek with several fallen logs and a bridge partially visible in the fog
Family seated for portrait on exterior stairs
View of Pacific American Fisheries pile driver and buildings taken from Bellingham Bay
Aerial view of Bellingham industrial waterfront with Bellingham Cold Storage in foreground
Exterior corner view of National Bank - large brick building with early-model car passing in front
Peter Denis
Man and two boys stand on porch of south Bellingham terminal for Interurban electric railroad
Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Deming
Box Department of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, WA
Center section of panorama triptych showing Bellingham, WA, from Sehome Hill overlook
The Round Table Club