1914 - 1972
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1971 Robert Monahan
1970 Bob Keller
1915 Ada Hogle with Students
1970 William R. Abel
1968 Bond Hall: Math Class
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
1942 Fourth Grade Students (Class With Miss Caldwell And Miss Thiel (Class 4-B)
1948 Synva Nicol With Kindergartners
1961 Student Teachers Observing Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1960 Student Teachers Observing from Back of Campus School Classroom
1942 Eighth Grade Students With Miss Van Pelt (Class 8-C)
1942 Ninth Grade With Mr. Butz (Class 9-B)
1948 We Live And Learn
1948 Fifth Grade Classroom