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YWCA float for the Bellingham Tulip Festival
YWCA building on North Forest and Maple streets in Bellingham
A young woman sits on a sofa
A young woman poses under a tree in a residential neigborhood
Young woman poses in orchard, holding a plum
Young woman poses in fur coat under a tree
Young woman in white dress poses outdoors
Young woman in long, frilly dress stands in garden holding parasol
Young woman in graduation cap and gown at University of Washington
Young woman in dress and sweater poses on front lawn
Young men carry load of books outside building
A young man wearing a bow tie and dark jacket Poses next to railroad track with trees in background
Young man stands wearing Ranger or Mounty-type uniform stands in snowy woods
Young man in overalls stands outside a building
Young man and woman eat slices of melon
Young man and woman, both in overalls, next to woman in hammock
Young man and older woman pose looking at each other near car and picnic table
Young Jimmy Pickett in children's soldier's costume in studio portrait
Young girl poses in cowgirl outfit with boots and hat
Young girl in white dress poses standing next to chair in studio portrait