1908 - 1916
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Five hikers stand in distance on snowfield with peak of Mt. Baker behind them
Two men are posed with a tent on a patch of snow.
Tents are pitched next to Picture Lake near Mount Baker.
Camping party at Skyline Ridge near Mt. Baker
Boundary-Red Gold Mine structure on forested mountainside
Beneath Deermester slide,  Mt. Baker
Multi-generational group of hikers stands in forest
Marathoners signing up for first race, 1911 (Mt. Baker Marathon)
View from wheat field of snowy peak - possibly Mount Baker - on horizon with forest in middle distance
Mt.Baker and Roosevelt Glacier
Snow-covered Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) in the background with tree-covered hills in the foreground
Four unidentified hikers (one appears to be a child) standing at the edge of a snowfield and tarn with Mt. Baker looming over them in the background.
hand-tinted view of snow-covered Mt. Baker with a lake in the foreground.
Hand tinted photo of snow-covered Mt. Baker in the background with a lake or tarn in the foreground
Postcard of Artist Point in Mt. Baker National Park, with two alpine lakes and cars in nearby parking lot
View of snow-covered Mount Baker from perhaps the Cougar Divide or Skyline Divide trail
Snow-covered, glaciated Mount Baker, rising from the tree-covered foothills
View of summit of Mount Baker from one of the glaciers below
A large rocky outcrop with snow fields and mountains in the backgroun
Unidentified lake (possibly Baker Lake) with snow-covered Mount Baker in the background