1870 - 1929
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Interurban rail car on Seattle to Bellingham railway
Pacific American Fisheries sail-steam vessel used as cannery ship "North King" with many people on deck
Collapsed road and railroad bridges at river's edge
Waterfront scene with large steam vessel at dock, several small vessels nearby
Large lawn in front of grand hotel set in forested hillside
Waterfront industrial complex with railroad in foreground
Man poses with life ring on deck of Pacific American Fisheries SS Norwood of Bellingham, WA
Six small racing sail boats on water
Boat offshore from Sehome, in Bellingham Bay
Native American beach encampment and canoes with Pacific American Fisheries cannery to left
View through trees of beach on cove with people gathered along shore
View from distance of warehouses and dock on waterfront with parking lot in foreground
Several men stand before engine and caboose of BB&BCRR, the Bellingham Bay and British Columbia Railroad
A small gaff-rigged sail boat
Several men stand on deck and bridge deck of steamship "Norwood"
Men in suits stand at rail of deck of S.S. Norwood
Ten men in knee-deep water holding fishing net with day's catch of salmon on beach in foreground
View through trees of beach and rocky bluff surrounding
Unidentified aerial view of the Salish Sea
Front-portside view of the steam tender "Rodoma" with man standing on foredeck