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Golf (Men's) Trophy: Third Annual Washington Intercollegiate conference championship, undated
Football Certificate: Verizon Academic All-American Team, Erik Totten,             2001/2002
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: Academic All-American Team, Alex Harrison, 2012
Football Photograph: Tom Wigg, Fullback, 1970/1973
Golf (Men's) Trophy: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1959
Hall of Fame Plaque: Norm Dahl, Football, Men's Basketball, Track and Field, Class of 1968
Hall of Fame Plaque: John Skov, Baseball (Pitcher), Class of 1984
Hall of Fame Plaque: Hoyt Gier, Football (Wide Reciever), Class of 1993
Football Photograph: Wade Gebers , #35, Placekicker, list of honors and records, 1993/1996
Hall of Fame Plaque: Boyd Staggs, Football, Baseball, Class of 1968
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Inspirational Award (front), 1947/1956
Hall of Fame Plaque: John Hunt, Track and Field (Long Jump), Class of 1987
Hall of Fame Plaque: Mike Dahl, Men's Basketball (Center), Class of 1981
Hall of Fame Plaque: Peter LaBarge, Football (Kicker, Punter), Men's Soccer, Class of 2000
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jack Nighbert, Baseball (Outfielder), Class of 1979
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Bellingham State Normal School Team, 1906
Hall of Fame Plaque: Bob Tisdale, Football, Class of 1968
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dave VanderGriend, Track and Field (Javelin), Class of 1993
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Hall of Fame, Charles "Chuck" R. Randall, Jr, 1985
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dick Pangallo, Football (Linebacker and Guard), Class of 1995