1898 - 2013
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1941 Third Grade Class With Irene Elliott (Class 3-C)
1955 Navy-Whirley-Bird
1961 Third Grade Class with Corinne Klann
1957 Lynda Samuelson, Student Teacher And Student
1943 Sixth Grade Science
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students
1946 Baseball With Norman Nelson And Robert Ludwick, Student Teachers
1941 Fourth Grade Science Project With Frank Shiers, Student Teacher
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
1960 Katherine Casanova With Student Teacher
1963 First Grade Class with Katherine Casanova
1967 Reading Center
1947 Physical Education Activities With Ruth Weythman
1963 Third Grade Class with Clark Brown
1967 Mayo Williams Teaching
1961 Fourth Grade Class with Charles Miller
1961 Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1935 Herbert Ruckmick
1948 June McLeod
1946 Campus School Building Main Entrance