1797 - 1990
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Senator Slade Gorton
Lillian Carter
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-03 Rock Surface W. Side Run #92 El.265.8
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-02-26 Run #26 - Horizontal and vertical drains filled in with concrete
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-03-02 Concrete box drains
Friendly Cove, Noatka Sound
The Crater on the Summit of Mount Worroray-Owhyhee
The Presidio of Monterrey
Village of the Friendly Indians at the entrance of Bute's Canal
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-04-17 Steel I-Beam for Sluiceway Closing Run #76
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Grant Senour Photographs Album A
Grant Senour Photographs Album B
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Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-06-04 Placing Reinf Steel W. Wall Power House
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-31 Drain Tile at Power House East Wall
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-10-09 Excavation activity at beginning of dam form work
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-25 Intake at Cupple's Creek
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-25 Access bridge
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-07-09 Bolt Frames 4th Floor
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-03 Rock formation in dam foundation
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-08-31 Excavation site, close up of rock formation
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-09-04 Powerhouse
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-12-06 Downstream Face of Dam
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-12-08 Lake Shannon
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-11-23 Lake Shannon (with railroad trestle, only tracks visible)
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-11-19 Timber
Lower Baker River dam construction 1924-12-29
Mt. Baker (Henry C. Engberg photograph album)
Picnic scene in the woods with women, men and children around a table
Flooding waters of Nooksack river rush by with buildings of Ferndale, WA, in background
Studio portrait of Ed Cowgill
Cannery Tender Minnehaha
Teenage girl in scarf and cardigan stands next to cement columns
Close up of components of skinning machine used in fish canning
Pacific American Fisheries complex, about 1920.
A little girl sits on the ground outdoors with a woman standing near and three people on bench
View of bow of Pacific American Fisheries' passenger freight ship "Catherine D."  with banners waving
Man poses in baseball uniform with glove and "F" on his uniform.
Five unidentified men paused at their work  among boards and slabs of lumber inside a lumber mill for photograph
A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
Young man in overalls stands outside a building
Six fishing boats with Pacific American Fisheries insignia in a line in dry dock
Close-up of unidentified man wearing baseball cap
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
View from hillside of bay or inlet with several docks and buildings on opposite shore, snowy mountain peaks in background
Before filling Commercial Point
Close-up of an unidentified,metal, motorized cannery machine
Pacific American Fisheries fishing boats
Fishing vessels of various sizes moored at cannery dock with warehouse
Small bay with village on opposite shore and several fishing tenders in water
Fishing village with rocky beach in foreground, forest in background
Five hikers stand in distance on snowfield with peak of Mt. Baker behind them
Six high school girls sit in a row outdoors
Guy Elwyn Everett
Studio portrait of Frank W. Burpee
Studio portrait of  H. Humphrey, Bellingham,WA
Six women, one man, and four children pose along picket fence in front o fttwo-story farmhouse
Chip Groom, G.A. McIntosh, Frazer Jenkins and unidentified man in from of G.A. McIntosh general store
Blurry photograph taken of television screen playing movie "Ice Castles"
Woman poses on modeling platform in full-length dress
A seated man is surrounded by several rows of formally dressed women in a ballroom
Three men stand in front of gasoline pumps outside service station
Rogan Jones
Salmon Egg Charley
Six men, including Charles F. Larrabee, seated around a table
Blue Canyon Mine school?
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill area used as lumber storage, several warehouses, and boat moorage
Bucher Lewis and Chuck Olson
Aerial view of entire Bellingham, WA, waterfront showing marina, warehouses, and surrounding neighborhoods
New Whatcom High School teaching staff, November 1900
Peter Denis
Five men pose atop the roof of a sternwheel-powered river barge
Sehome coal bunkers
Two railroad workers with B.B. & B.C. steam engine
Group of twenty eight women, two men, pose seated and standing in large room, wearing traditional Mexican costumes
Both sides of the scrip issued by Charles Cissna in 1893 to be used exclusively at The Fair, his department store, New Whatcom, WA
Eleven unidentified men wearing suits stand on steps of brick building
Aerial view looking east from Belingham Bay at Fairhaven, south Bellingham, with log booms at a lumber mill, and Pacific American Fisheries facilities at lower right
Naval vessel "YMS269"
One of three small photographs, attached together, of a little girl with her hands on her head
Aerial view from Oakland - By Moulin - Showing San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and  man-made Treasure Island at upper center, showing a sketch of the Golden Gate International Exposition layout
A dam on the Columbia River, made of crisscrossed logs with water flowing out of several gates into rocky stream bed
Pianist Gunnar Anderson and his mother sit in grass with  a Collie dog between them, wildflowers in background
Construction site of YWCA building designed by Carl Gould, located at corner of Maple and Forest streets, Bellingham, WA
Studio portrait of seated Jim Wardner
Man in foreground stands on platform with camera on tripod to photograph the Smith Butchering machine, on display with "1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition" banner on wall in background
Several men with pairs of horses and mules, some attached to  buckboards or carriages waiting by the railroad tracks for train passengers to arrive and disembark at Port of Bellingham Livery Transport Co.
View from atop expanse of San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge looking toawrds San Francisco and the Embarcadero
Citizen's Dock under construction, Bellingham Bay, WA, with Roeder Avenue and elevated railroad tracks in foreground
Unidentified woman standing in snow looking down at a large round wooden object filled with snow
View across Bellingham Bay to lumber mill located on the fill that extended Laurel Street, Bellingham, WA, with a four-masted ship at dock
Fairhaven & Whatcom streetcar number 74 with two conductors and two passengers
Lynden's first power plant before its disassembling
View from 12th street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA, towards Bellingham Bay and Pacific American Fisheries facilities where a ship is docked
Small seaside village with pier and warehouse, and rolling grassy knolls in foreground
Watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (a.k.a. Jimmy) Tilton Picket, among tall trees
Negative copy of image in watercolor of cemetery scene showing gravestone of James (a.k.a. Jimmy) Tilton Picket, among tall trees
Back view of Craftsman clapboard building used as Geneva Community Hall, Lake Whatcom
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra
Part of sailing vessel near dock in Bellingham Bay, with log boom behind and cut lumber on dock in foreground
Five cannery workers move cases of canned salmon down processing lines
Fishing boat with deckhands working a hold full of fish, tied next to an empting holding scow
Feeding the bears at Kasaan