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1941 Third Grade Class With Irene Elliott (Class 3-C)
1955 Navy-Whirley-Bird
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
2007 Reunion--Catharine Stimpson and Marian Alexander at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--Lennard Thal, Bryan Hearsey and Marian Alexander at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--Banquet
1961 Third Grade Class with Corinne Klann
1957 Lynda Samuelson, Student Teacher And Student
1943 Sixth Grade Science
1926 Play Day Activity
2007 Exhibit--Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs and Christine Zurline
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students
1925 Christmas Gift Shop
1925 Muriel Operating Loom (Fifth Grade)
2007 Reunion--Marian Alexander, Wendy (Jackson) Reeder, Ed Stimpson and Dorothy Stimpson in Special Collections
1946 Baseball With Norman Nelson And Robert Ludwick, Student Teachers
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1941 Fourth Grade Science Project With Frank Shiers, Student Teacher
1933 Second Grade Assembly
1965 Girls Playing Basketball
2007 Reunion--Ellen (Nugent) Harris and Laura Nugent Greeting WWU President Karen Morse
1950 Kindergarten Class
2007 Reunion--Beret (Funkhouser) Harmon, Ruth (Rairdon) Vaughn and Donald Rairdon in Special Collections
1920 Children In Classroom (Primary Grade)
2007 Reunion--Luncheon
2007 Reunion--June (Carrick) Russell
2007 Reunion--Nancy (McDonald) Moore and Vicki (Hyde) Robinson in Special Collections
1942 Fourth Grade Students With Miss Kinsman And Miss Purnell (Class 4-A)
1965 Boys Playing Basketball
1943 Campus School Building, Main Entrance Tower
2007 Reunion--John "Biff" Dickerson and Florence (Winsor) Helliesen
2007 Reunion--Frank Nugent and Ann Nugent
1960 Katherine Casanova With Student Teacher
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
1959 Music Time
2007 Reunion--Carole Morris visits with George Sharninghouse
1963 First Grade Class with Katherine Casanova
1929 First Grade Class Planning Its Garden
1943 Campus School Building Main Entrance With Students
2007 Reunion--Elaine (Zwaschka) Bailey
2007 Reunion--Marjorie Jean (Orphan) Nilsen and Betty (Anderson) Watson
1926 Seventh Grade Boys Demonstrating Electrical Inventions
2007 Reunion (Saturday) Gale Pfueller
2007 Reunion--Terry Allan
2007 Reunion--Richard Gray in Special Collections
1920 Toy Store
1936  Reading Time (First Grade)
2007 Reunion--Sonja Chorba and Bob Monahan
1967 Reading Center
2007 Reunion--Bill Palmer and Kaye Palmer
1943 Campus School Building
1943 Fifth Graders At Lunch In The Dining Room
1925 Building a House (First Grade)
1993 Reunion--Banquet
1947 Physical Education Activities With Ruth Weythman
1963 Third Grade Class with Clark Brown
1967 Mayo Williams Teaching
1948 Marvlyn Mathes, Campus School Secretary
1961 Fourth Grade Class with Charles Miller
1965 Girls Practicing Foul Shots for Basketball
1909 Making A Fishing Net
1948 Campus School Building, Main Entrance
1942 Seventh Grade Class Singing (Class 7-B)
1961 Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1935 Herbert Ruckmick
1948 June McLeod
1993 Reunion--WWU Provost Larry DeLorme Addresses Banquet Attendees
1946 Campus School Building Main Entrance
1965 Floor Game
1965 Physical Education Time
1930 Japanese Domestic Scene--Tea Ceremony  (Second Grade)
2007 Reunion--Barbara (Welsh) McCollum and Dick McCollum at the Banquet
2007 Exhibit--Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs and Rob Brand
1934 Ruth Van Pelt
1961 Students Helping with Textbooks
1967 Reading Center
2007 Reunion--Elizabeth Morrow and Ed Morrow
1940 Seventh Grade Class in Library (Class 7-C)
1943 Campus School Building, Detail Above Main Entrance
1947 Marjorie Muffley Beams Her Ever-Present Smile At The Faculty Reception During Opening Week
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1967 Reading Center
1965 Boys Playing Flag Football
1906 Planting The School Garden
1993 Reunion--Banquet Participant Speaks to Attendees
1960s Nancy Smith, Mary Irvin and Robert Simpson in Campus School Office
1949 Miriam Snow
1950 Fifth Grade Girls Modeling Clay with Mrs. Beltz, Student Teacher
1953 Campus School Girls
2007 Reunion--Earl Cilley
1961 Sixth Grade Class with Harold Winslow
1944 Work Room
2007 Reunion--Ruby Smith, June Thomas, Cecil Thomas and Golden Viking Jack Miller (WWU class of 1951)
2007 Reunion--Golden Viking Phyllis (Plummer) Knick and daughter Linda at the Banquet
1950 Fourth Grade With Zona Daverin, Student Teacher
1911 Training School Swings With Main Building in Background
2007 Reunion--Hal Lewis Greets Lois Spratlen and Thaddeus Spratlen
1959 Classroom Science Activities
1944 Storage Cupboards for Artwork
2007 Exhibit--Christine Kendall
1946 Jeanne Landers Discusses Art With Kindergarteners
1943 Kindergarten Library Alcove
1948 Junior High Square Dance Group
1965 Leslie Crawford and Students on One of Campus School's Ramps
1943 Woodworking
1925 Art Activities
1945 Katherine Casanova In Classroom
1965 Red Rover
1965 Fourth Grade Class
1948 Katherine Casanova With Students
1909 Learning To Sew
1965 Girl Jumping
2007 Reunion--Joyce Dunham and Gwinn Dunham with their granddaugher
1946-47 First Grade Girls
1944 Classroom Storage
1948 Pearl Merriman With Student
1965 Floor Games
2007 Reunion--Curt Smith With WWU President Karen Morse at Reception
1950 Campus School Building With Snow
1939 Rosamond Barrett
2007 Reunion--Carlin Freeberg and Sharon Freeberg with Erling Freeberg and Dolores Freeberg
1944 Work Room Sink
1945 Campus School Building, Main Entrance
2007 Reunion--Lynn (Albright) De Wees with friend in Special Collections
1993 Reunion--Banquet
1949 Frank Punches
1934 Pattison Twins Waiting For The Street Car At Holly and G Streets
1920 Bargain Counter
1965 Girls Doing Basketball Drills (Foul Shots)
1947 Marjorie Muffly, Physical Education
2007 Exhibit--Marian Alexander and Angie Vandenhaak
2007 Reunion--Anita (Vosti) Johnson, John Vosti and Marian Alexander in Special Collections
1943 Fifth Graders at Lunch In the Dining Room at Christmas Time
1927 Scene From The Dream Book
1930 Training School Theatrical Production
1993 Reunion--Banquet
1965 Third Grade Playing Red Rover
1942 Orchestra
1930 Fourth Grade Reading Hour In The Children's Library
1925 Training School Girl in Costume
1967 Reading Center
2007 Reunion--Pat O'Connor (right) at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--Lynn Monahan at the Banquet
1949 Pearl Merriman With Students
2007 Reunion--Lois Spratlen and Susan (Stimpson) Trimingham
1944 Work Room Cupboard
1942 Fifth Grade At Work (Class 5-B)
1965 Girls Basketball Team
1964 Leslie Crawford With Sixth Grade Students
1955 Football Practice
1967 Reading Center
2007 Reunion--Jim Hildebrand, WWU President Karen Morse and Joel Connelly Onstage at the Banquet
1947 Hazel Plympton, Art Teacher
1947 Kindergartners Learn to Swim
1967 Jay Van Wingerden
1960 Reading Group
1940 Christmas Sing-A-Long