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1900 State Normal School, New Whatcom, Washington
1899 Main Building
1900 Faculty
1890 South Bellingham
1899 Banquet at Byron Hotel
1890 View of the Town from High Street
1899 View from Main Building Across High Street
1899 Main Building
1900 Main Building
1900 Senior Class
1900 Senior Class
1899 Main Building
C.E. Taylor, Katherine Wardner and others, Squalicum, New Whatcom, 1893
Huge crowd of people, mostly men in suits, overcoats, and derby hats, stand on the Sehome wharf next to large steamer ferry packed with people, all whom gather to send off George Francis Train
Approximately a dozen men and women in fine clothing, incliding J.H. Bloedel, gathered on a flatbed railcar, with a steam donkey and workmen on tracks behind
Large crowd of men, women, children gather in street outside hotel to listen to speech from William Jennings Bryant who is standing on platform extended from hotel balcony
A little girl sitting on a horse with an unattached wagon behind it and a house across a muddy street in background
New Whatcom, 1892
An elderly Mrs. Henry Roeder seated in formal studio portrait
View looking south on Elk Street (now State Street), Bellingham
Lower falls on Whatcom Creek
Ten men in workwear, several holding logging peaveys, stand on wooden platform in front of boom or other tall structure
Champion and West Holly Streets, Bellingham
Train locomotive with three men standing in or next to cab
Storefront of Underwood & Minturn selling hardware, stoves, tinware, with several men in suits standing in front of both doorways, goods and merchandise on display in windows
Young girl and young boy sit in studio portrait