1872 - 1990
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Aerial view of semi-rural neighborhood, Bellingham, Washington, with Northwest Avenue bisecting the foreground and coal mining operation in distance
Workers unload salmon from barge at dock
Two men brailing salmon
Snow-covered lawn and Larrabbee mansion
Fire engines with hoses and ladders fight structure fire as it billows smoke, with people watching from street below
Icebox-refrigerator on display with promotional sign with Bellingham Herald newspaper headlining the Fairhaven School fire from which the refrigerator was removed
American Legion Albert J. Hamilton Post No. 7
Football game at Battersby Field with Whatcom High School in the distance
View of Baker Hotel in downtown Bellingham, WA.
Gaudette Estate
Fairhaven High School girls' basketball team
Sunset Block on corner of Holly Street in Bellingham, Washington
Fairhaven High School school students work among desks piled high with papers, possibly a school newspaper classroom
Fairhaven High School students sit around a table with a teacher and principal E.S. Howell
Two finely dressed women with hats sit in back of a 1915 Ford touring car, parked next to Bellingham train station
Large stone Whatcom County Courthouse with central clock tower, located between "G" and  "H" streets on Ellsworth Street, Bellingham, WA
Durgin's Market's meat counter with clerk behind counter
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Newly constructed Bellingham Public Library on Champion Street
Seven dead salmon hanging from a rope
Poultrymen's Hatchery building and Darigold milk processing plant
Navy airship USS Akron floating over Bellingham Bay
Silver Beach School
Exterior of T.G. Richards building, with several men standing lounging on adjacent boardwalk and staircase
Formal studio portrait of Thomas G. Newman
Bob Shield and Emil Olsen at the Pacific American Fisheries' Commercial Point Shipyard
View from hillside above of Sehome wharf with two steamer vessels docked, and railroad tracks at base of hill
Clara Weaver, Florence Pettibone and Carrie Salvo atop Pacific American Fisheries rooftop
Whatcom and Skagit County 1927 Tulip Queens and princesses pose win crowns and robes
Thirteen students and teachers of Fairhaven high school class of 1900, sitting in and standing next to a horse drawn carriage, holding bouquets of flowers
Archie Shiels, President of Pacific American Fisheries
Bellingham storefronts with "Forced out of Business" liquidation banners hanging in front windows
Aerial view of Georgia Pacific pulp and paper mill, Bellingham waterfront, downtown Bellingham
Cannery steamer ships docked at Bellingham' south terminal
Log rafts in Bellingham Bay
Exterior of grand, four-story Sehome School building
C.H. Barlow Leather Goods
Mr. Howell of Fairhaven High School seated at desk
Typing class at Fairhaven High School
Unidentified ship flying bunting of flags of multiple countries at Pacific American Fisheries dock
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 3 of triptych)
Norwegian Seventh Day Adventist Church, Harris Ave and 21st Street, Bellingham (Wash.)
Several of US Navy's "The Great White Fleet" of battle ships cruise Bellingham Bay
Diehl and Simpson work crew
Bellingham Marine Boatbuilding Company
Formal studio portrait of Rita Christopher Newman, a young woman
L-shaped deepwater dock of Pacific American Fisheries under construction on Bellingham Bay
Exterior of defensive block house at Fort Bellingham
Larrabee family home, Bellingham (Wash.)
Fairhaven High School boy basketball player
Large, ornate Victorian-style house known as the Gamwell House, with snowy roofs
Fishing boats in dry dock at the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) shipway at the west end of Harris Avenue at Deadman's Point in Fairhaven
Young school children and a teacher pose in two rows outside schoolhouse
Thomas Burus Machine Shop - two men pose among wheel rims outside large shop that reads "Whatcom Machinery Depot"
Small, two-pump service station with "Grand Vista Service" sign on roof
Several derricks poised at shoreline rock quarry with shed in foreground
Easterly view of Harris Avenue at intersection with railroad tracks, Fairhaven, Bellingham, WA
Large group of men gathered at The Mint  entertainment hall
Copy of Bellingham Herald article on "Beck's Grand Opera House" from January 25, 1904.
Pacific American Fisheries brick headquarters at Harris Avenue and 4th Street in Fairhaven
View of grounds and facilities of lumber company
Men and women workers, and two horse-drawn delivery buggies, stand in front of large warehouse of B.B. Steam Laundry & Dye Works
Fishing vessel "Uncle John" and supply ship "Norwood"
Neighborhood Ferris Wheel, 1925
Exterior of the "Richards Building," 1308 E. Street.
Small fleet of Pacific American Fisheries' salmon cannery tenders rest in drydock
Interior of mercantile with view from upper level looking down onto main floor with display cases and several clerks
Exterior of simple two-story home swathed in striped bunting with part of baby carriage seen on right, in front of picket fence
Fairhaven students - five unidentified young women
Delivery van and driver for Stenvig Grocery
Exterior of Larrabee family house under construction, Bellingham, Washington
Unidentified diesel powered supply vessel tied to Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) dock, Bellingham, WA
View from across street of front of Church of the Assumption, white with tall central spire and smaller spires in either side
Masted freight vessels are moored to dock covered with piles of cut lumber, with logs floating in bay adjacent
Tugboat "Ernest A Hamill" under construction for Pacific American Fisheries
Studio portrait of C.T. Lathrop
E.K. Wood Lumber Company
Ella and William Lemm
Lobby of The Washington Hotel, Bellingham, WA
Snowy view of South Forest Street, Bellingham, WA
Charlotte "Lottie" Roeder Roth examines photograph
Exchange Building, Bellingham, Wash.
Man in labcoat and cap stands next to women packing crab legs into boxes at work station
35 men in business attire and military uniforms pose in three rows behind table and American flag
Fishtrap tender "Steelhead" with several men on deck
Elderly couple stands in garden with flagpole in background
Elephant handler with two elephants
Mr. Jorgan Anderson and Mrs. Hilda (Lind) Anderson stand in studio wedding portrait
Group of spectators stand on dock and boat to view traps (not visible)
Studio portrait of E.I. Jacobson in profile
Four band members in suits sit for studio portrait with instruments and promotional material
Throng of men crowd around store front of The Globe Clothing Co. with "Forced to Vacate" advertisement
E.B. Deming house
Ship construction at dock, adjacent to Pacific American Fisheries
Pacific American Fisheries' steamship "Oakwood" docked in south Bellingham with South Hill neighborhood in background
View from Sehome Hill of downtown Bellingham with early-model automobiles parked along Huntoon Drive leading down hill
Launching of the Catherine D., the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) ship named for Catherine Deming,
George Eliott with son Carl Curtis Elliott stand in doorway of Plumbing Shop
Utter Grist Mill
South Bellingham's industrial waterfront facilities with Bellingham Cannery in foreground, several fishing vessels moored in background
Two women and a man with bicycles pose on incline of mountainside dirt road, possibly Chuckanut Drive
Aerial view of downtown Bellingham, Washington, with waterfront in bottom of image
The craftsman house at the corner of 14th Street and Wilson in Fairhaven
Several people watch the  from hillside as Navy airship USS Akron floats over Bellingham Bay
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra
Exterior of very grand, Victorian-style home called "Wardner Castle," 15th street, south Bellingham, WA
Studio portrait of adolescent boy
Northwestern Shipyard with three ships under construction
Forest St.
Fairhaven High - Seven teenage boys in sweaters and jackets, and one teacher pose on sidewalk
A man in a lab coat inspects slabs of frozen crab meat in a cannery
First run of the Bellingham ferry, Victoria. View from deck of ship of large crowd gathered on Quackenbush Warehouse dock, with city of Bellingham, WA, in background
Victorian house on steep residential block
View across Bellingham Bay from hillside above Bellingham Bay Lumber Company
"Whatcom" - football game
Local authors - Five seated women and four men standing behind them, dressed for special occasion, holding published works
Several people pose on deck of small vessel "American"
Pacific American Fisheries shipbuilding - view from water of ships under construction
Clara Hewitt and cow, So. Bellingham
Mrs. Katherine M. Ryan, Bellingham Bay Public Librarian
Panorama of large lumber mill on Bellingham Bay
Bellingham Drum & Bugle Corps - Marching band performs on baseball field under lights at night
Large group of workmen and stonecutters and one small boy pose in front of Whatcom County Courthouse under construction, with blocks of stone in foreground
Baidauf Band, July 4th 1916, at Bellingham Federal Building
Football game at Battersby Field
Railcar-mounted steam shovel moves coal from large coal pile
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 1 of triptych)
Man sits in front of "Gamwell and Warner Real Estate Trading Company"
Construction of Pacific American Fisheries salmon cannery
View of Happy Valley, South Bellingham, Washington, from bell tower of Norwegian United Lutheran Church
Group of (Fairhaven) students in costume
Exterior of grand, ornate Victorian-style house with prominet turret, known as the Roeder-Roth house, Bellingham, Washington
The original  Meridian Street entrance to Cornwall Park, constructed from large logs
The "Tebenkof" about to be launched from Pacific American Fisheries boatyard
Fairhaven High School football team posing on field
Small crowd posing in front of Pantages Theater
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, log ponds,  and boat marina, on shore of Bellingham, WA
Aerial view of farm with fields of grass, orchards, and row crops with nearby forest, near Fairhaven, WA
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Construction of Little Squalicum Bridge
Lewis Motor Company Building at southeast corner of Forest and Holly streets, Bellingham, WA
Fairhaven High School football player
An overgrown, derelict bridge spans Whatcom Creek with fenced field and orchard in background
Large, metal-framed ferry terminal under construction in Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington
Two large multi-masted vessels loading cargo at loading dock in Bellingham Bay
Mr. Jensen, Roy Weaver, Hardy Getty, and one unidetified mand stand among boxes and equipment of canning warehouse at the American Can Company
Swedish Lutheran Church, Happy Valley
Cast of stage production pose on stage with band seated below stage
Five ships under construction at shipbuilding operations of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, Washington
A man in a lab coat inspects a box  on top of a pallet of boxes of frozen crab
Leaning tree and fence silhouetted against cloudy sky
View of South Hill neighborhood with Wardner Castle seen on crest of hill, south Bellingham, WA
View looking up unpaved street with trolly tracks down center and crowds of people looking into distance
Group of women pose on steps of four-story "Edens Hall" dormitory at the State Normal School, Bellingham,WA
Studio portrait of older woman with pearl necklace, Mrs. W.R. Tarte
Close up of hydrofoil boat "Flying Fish" in dry dock
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
View of downtown Bellingham possibly taken from the Sehome Arboretum tower
Three men stand in front of gasoline pumps outside service station
Three Fairhaven Boys' basketball players pose with basketballs 
View of Bellingham, Washington, from near the south end of Dock Street (Cornwall).
View from hilltop of rooftops of early town of Fairhaven, Washington
Great Northern Railroad tracks extend over water across Bellingham Bay, with several small boats on beach in foreground
Happy Valley
Large group of female Fairhaven High School students pose on steps, "Girls 'F' Club
New Whatcom High School teaching staff, November 1900
View from hilltop looking up Harris Avenue, Fairhaven, Washington
Lefy Gomez, 1956
View from across street of front of Church of the Assumption, white with tall central spire and smaller spires in either side
Store fronts on Holly Street include Wahl's Department Store, The Grand Theater, the Up and Up Tavern
Intersection, this is probably 14th and Wilson in Fairhaven
Exterior of Advent Christian Church
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
A dozen men standing on the leading edge of the plank road they are constructing
George Elliott and his son Carl Curtis Elliott
Thirty nine teenage girls pose in three rows outdoors near an ivy-covered building.
Four men stand next to pumps at Horst's Service Station
Exterior street view of Labor Temple (union building) on State Street, Bellingham, WA, with two early-model cars parked in front
Little Squalicum Bridge
Bellingham Coal Mines entrance
View of the rolling hills of Fairhaven at the turn of the 20th century
Four men stand in front of brick commercial building with storage service on left, Hale-Morton taxi service on right
Pacific American Fisheries cannery on Bellingham Bay
Crowds on bleachers surrounding an athletic field watch a dance performance on grounds of Bellingham Normal School with Old Main in background
View from scrub-covered bluff of saltmarsh with a barn on the rise beyond, and a hill covered in houses in the distance
Aerial view of industrial waterfront, Bellingham, WA, showing landfill area used as lumber storage, several warehouses, and boat moorage
Two mechanics in machine shop using a metal lathe
Boning and splitting machine used in fish canning
Soccer Girls - nine teenage girls pose in athletic uniforms with a ball on a playing field
Large government office building with tall windows, manicured lawn
Large steamship moored next to Pacific American Fisheries' Bellingham warehouse with Great Northern Railway tracks in foreground
A piece of cannery processing equipment stands in lab
Five ships under construction at shipbuilding operations of Pacific American Fisheries, Bellingham, Washington
Spectators line thoroughfare as parade floats and early model cars travel past with Bellingham and tower of Assumption Church in distance
Exterior of newly-completed, large, two-story house owned by widow of C.X. Larrabee, Bellingham, Washington
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
11th Street, Bellingham - man looking out of window the Adams & Company Hardware Store
Just Loafing
Large snowfall on the street at corner of 11th and Harris Streets, Fairhaven, WA
View from above of parade marching down Holly street, with spectators lining the street, Bellingham, Washington