1797 - 2016
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Senator Slade Gorton
2007 Exhibit--Marian Alexander and Scott Wallin
Lillian Carter
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-05-03 Rock Surface W. Side Run #92 El.265.8
Women's Field Hockey Face-Off
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-02-26 Run #26 - Horizontal and vertical drains filled in with concrete
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-03-02 Concrete box drains
Friendly Cove, Noatka Sound
The Crater on the Summit of Mount Worroray-Owhyhee
The Presidio of Monterrey
Village of the Friendly Indians at the entrance of Bute's Canal
Lower Baker River dam construction 1925-04-17 Steel I-Beam for Sluiceway Closing Run #76
Mount St. Helens.
Unusual gas-bubble patterns from decaying organic matter at Castle Lake.
Helicopter on ground near shore of Castle Lake.
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