1857 - 1990
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Three men in conductor's uniforms and two men in suits sit and stand in office with several desks, and a ticket window in background
Unidentified man and woman in tilled field
Unidentified mountain lake probably in the North Cascades
J.W. Hays at Fairhaven High School machine shop
An ornate leather trunk sits on wooden steps of house
Soapy Smith Story - Dedman's Photo Shop, Skagway (Alask.)
Studio portrait of Dr. Orville Beebe in spectacles and tweed jacket
Studio portrait of family with parents seated, children standing and sitting with them
Pacific American Fisheries King Cove Alaska salmon cannery
Unidentified man, likely Galen Biery, seated with small dog
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Two men lean next to a steam locomotive while two men lean out of the cab, with forest in background
View from pier looking out over several docked fishing boats with a large steamer ship in the background.
Second St. Joseph Hospital
Southerly view of Chuckanut drive with railroad trestle spanning water on right
Group of young men and women pose seated in a field, wearing Sunday finery
View from water of coastal village and industrial waterfront with hills in background
Three young men in ties and jackets stand under the arched gateway to Fairhaven High School, with the school in background