1898 - 2008
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1955 New Faculty on the Steps of the Main Building
1915 Ada Hogle with Students
1973 Richard O. Starbird
1935 Miriam Snow
1969 Roberta Bouverat
1985 Paul Woodring
1948 Elsie Wendling
1948 We Live And Learn
1948 Priscilla Kinsman
1950 Bearnice Skeen
1950 Fifth Grade Girls Modeling Clay with Mrs. Beltz, Student Teacher
1961 Fourth Grade Class with Charles Miller
1961 Kindergarten Activities (Anne Critchfield with Student Teacher Sharon Kenaston)
1960s Nancy Smith, Mary Irvin and Robert Simpson in Campus School Office
1961 Kindergarten Class with Synva Nicol
1962 Second Grade Class with Marcia Grabfelder
1962 Katherine Casanova
1961 Synva Nicol's Kindergarten Class
1961 Rene Philippart's First Grade French Lesson
1960 Katherine Casanova With Student Teacher