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1898 - 2008
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1942 First Grade Students Play With Blocks and Trains (Class 1-C)
1965 Boy Playing
1967 Reading Center
1960 Student teachers relax in Campus School dining room
2007 Reunion--Penny Lea (Cyr) Van Buren (center) and Tanya Pemberton (right)
1944 Teacher Resources
1943 Students Weaving
2007 Reunion--Larry Johnson
2007 Reunion--Chris Harwood in Special Collections
2007 Reunion--Lyn Zukerkorn, Cyrene (Keyes) Moore and Andra Lee (Brand) Phibbs in Special Collections
1948 Rhythms
1959 Campus Elementary School
1967 French Skit
1949 Evelyn Odom
1965 Girls Doing Field Hockey Drills
1947 Eighth Grade Boys And The YMCA
2007 Reunion--Jack Carver and Toni Nagel at the Banquet
1944 Teaching Techniques (Campus School 109)
2007 Reunion--Frances (Winslow) Sudduth
1925 Training School Library
1928 Training School Theatre Production
1959 Flags Of Other Nations (Project)
1943 Campus School First Graders At Work
2007 Reunion--Barbara (Berglund) Bosse, Georgia (McCush) Heald and Mollie (McCush) Della Terza
1948 Leslie Hunt
1935 Sixth Grade Class
1947 Synva Nicol Reading To Kindergarten Class
2007 Reunion--Jack Carver at the Banquet
1965 Students Regard A Goose
1919 May Festival
1948 Z-O-O-M ... I'm An Airplane
1945 Fourth Grade Reading Group With Elaine Dahlgren
1942 Ninth Grade Students Work Together (Class 9-A)
1946 Jean (Wagner) Shephard
1950 First Grade Boys Dancing at Assembly
1911 Training School Swings with Sehome Hill in Background
1933 Junior Viking Staff
1948 They Learn To Type Early
1942 Field Trip With Miss Channer (Class 6-B)
1966 Fifth Grade Class with Milton Towne
1993 Reunion--Banquet
1944 Art Supplies Cupboard
1925 Public Market
2007 Exhibit--Toni Nagel and Bill DeGrace
2007 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse and WWU Provost Dennis Murphy at the Banquet
1943 Campus School Building Main Entrance
2007 Reunion--Jim Hildebrand, WWU President Karen Morse and Joel Connelly Onstage at the Banquet
1944 Lunch time
1965 Leslie Crawford and Students on One of Campus School's Ramps
1948 Campus School Orchestra