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1857 - 2012
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Unidentified bride
Unidentified lake (possibly Baker Lake) with snow-covered Mount Baker in the background
A large group (ca. 85) men, women and children at a plumber's event
Pacific American Fisheries cannery at Squaw Harbor on Shumagin Island, Alaska.
Two unidentified cascading waterfalls
Charles Fisher
Several workers pose at their work stations in the box department of Pacific American Fisheries in Bellingham, WA
Klondike Gold Rush supply port on beach with piles of supplies, crowds of men, and mountains surrounding
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Two men standing on a pier
Unidentified man and woman in tilled field
Whatcom tide flats with original brick courthouse built by T.G. Richards
Theresa and Myer Bornstein, Maurice Camillo and Tom Busalacchi in the Hawaiian Room at the Hotel Lexington in New York