1958 - 2011
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1987 Paul Ford
1959 Haggard Hall: Laying Cornerstone
2007 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse and WWU Provost Dennis Murphy at the Banquet
1999 Rick Osen
1974 Environmental Studies Building Dedication
1959 Facade (East Side) with Barney Goltz
1959 Facade (East Side) With Jack Rayburn, Barney Goltz and Bob Gustavson
1986 Bill Palmer and G. Robert Ross
1995 Linda Smeins
1983 Don Cole, G. Robert Ross and Caspa Harris
2003 Stephen D. Sulkin
2000 Al Froderberg
1988 Al Froderberg
1983 Steve Inge, G. Robert Ross and Visitor
1989 Woodring College of Education Dinner
1985 Stephen D. Sulkin
1983 G. Robert Ross at Reception in Canada House
1989 Robert Sylvester
1985 Paul Ford with G. Robert Ross
1980 William A. Gregory