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1899 - 1930
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Ediz Hook Light Station taken from bayside
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams showing a portion of Adams Glacier
Closeup of large evergreen trees
Meadow at timberline on the northwest side of Mt. Adams
View of ice and snow-covered on Columbia Gorge looking east toward Beacon Rock
Close-up of New Ediz Hook Light Station with old bell fog signal.
Unidentified man standing next to boat
Unidentified field near a forest.
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse during construction.
New Ediz Hook Lighthouse, newly constructed.
Reverse aerial close-up view of Yocum Ridge and upper Reid Glacier from Illumination Saddle
Ocean breakers crashing against the shore of Tatoosh island
View of tender ship named "Columbine."
View of unidentified mountain range, large mountain dominates the vista.
Waterfall and bridge at Multnomah Falls, Oregon
View near sunset or sunrise across forest to unidentified mountain range
Personnel of Construction (repair) crew at Flattery Lighthouse
Ediz Hook light station with new lighthouse, barn, dwelling
Reverse view looking down the White River Glacier from the crater, south side of Mt. Hood.