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1797 - 2021
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page 16
1932 Fifth Grade Assembly (Colonial Life Museum)
1943 Barbara Jean Hansen Weaving
General Trophy: G. Robert Ross Memorial, WWU Athlete of the Year award (front), 1986/2013
Two boys in a wheelbarrow pushed by a man
Golf (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1986
1941 Tenth Grade In Library (Class 10-A)
1943 Students Work On Plantings Outside New School
Study Group 2018
1948 Shop Class
Track and Field Plaque: Helms Hall, Hall of Fame award, Sam Carver, undated
1953 Campus View Westward Including Playfield
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1986
Page 69
T.G. Richards and Company Store, 1308 E Street, Bellingham, WA
1902 Training School Wing of Main Building
Ferhat Pasha Mosque - Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina
1948 Elsie Wendling
1968 Orca Whale in captivity at Stanley Park (Contact Sheet)
Federal building in Bellingham, WA under construction.
1962 Katherine Casanova
Tennis (Women's) Trophy: NW Collegiate Tourney (front), 1967/1971
Flatbed GMC truck with "General Hauling" painted along side of bed sitting at street curb
North Fork Toutle River debris flow.
Las Setas - Seville, Spain
Large dining hall decorated with U.S. flags and over one hundred military men dressed in various army and navy uniforms
1920 Girls With Batons In Junior High Gymnasium
Page 22
Viking Launch 2017
Copy of a letter sent by Jimmy Pickett to his foster-mother
Hillside above Castle Lake.
Chicago Hotel, Bellingham (Wash.)
1965 Library: Signage
Color print of studio portrait of Nelson Bennett.
Golf (Men's) Trophy: National Championship, 4th Place, 1997
Soccer (Women's) Trophy: Northwest Collegiate Conference Champion, 1983/1984
Interior view of household appliance store.
Viking Launch 2017
Bellingham Plywood Corporation - Bellingham, Washington
1943 Campus School Ditto Room
1967 Fourth Grade Classroom
1967 Reading Center
Double reed clinic
1934 Ethel Barber
Western Washington University Students On Campus
The launching of an unidentified ship perhaps from the Pacific American Fisheries (PAF) Shipyard at Commercial Point
1929 Eighth Grade Presents "Toy Shop"
Hike along Seoul City Wall
1936 Eighth Grade Girls
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Color postcard image of Blewett Pass
Forest St.
Train collision - Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul locomotive with T.E. 3 R.R., Great Northern 22403 locomotive
1948 Campus School Building
WORKING, revised version. 2019 production.
Aerial view across Table Mountain to Mt. Shuksan
Hall of Fame Plaque: Tom Venable, Men's Soccer (Midfielder), Class of 2004
General Plaque: All-Sports Overall Champion, Athletic Director Lynda Goodrich, 2011/2012
Scenic Wonders Portland and Columbia River
2007 Reunion--Wini (Breakey) White
1965 Students on One of Campus School's Ramps
1943  Art Time
Football Plaque: NCAA Division 2 Statistic Champion, Michael Koenen, punting,             2002
1929 The Four Generals Play (Fifth Grade Play from Book Shen of the Sea)
Move In 2020 16
Western Symphony Orchestra rehearsal
WWU Grads (2018)
Skiiers at Mt. Rainier
1928 Normal By The Sea Air View
2007 Reunion--Mollie (McCush) Della Terza and Georgia (McCush) Heald
Ediz Hook Light Station taken from bayside
Basketball (Men's): Signed basketball, undated
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1958
Victorian house on steep residential block
Hall of Fame Plaque: Joe Moses, Men's Basketball (Guard), Class of 1985
2007 Exhibit--Ted Mork and David Maness
Dorothy Riddle on Androgyny
Viking Launch 2017
1943 Kindergarten Library Alcove
Page 45
Swimming (Men's) Photograph: Dave Emery, NAIA All American, 1962/1965
Track and Field (Men's) Baton: National Champions 4x800, baton (side 2), 1981
Studio portrait of unidentified man in suit with moustache
A pen and ink drawing of"Reynaud's Optical Theater," showing a man manipulating two circular drums on a flat surface with optical equipment projecting a skit on a screen with an audience seated on the other side
Hall of Fame Plaque: Norm Hash, Football (Fullback), Class of 1968
1959 Art Work
1926 Play Day Picnic
1943 Sixth Grade Science
1965 Library: Signage
Page 4
1909 May Pole
Mt. Baker Lodge covered in snow
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: N-S Area Tournament 1st place (front), 1977
Negative of wooden steamship "Pavlof" and tugboat in Bellingham Bay at Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington, with Pacific American Fisheries facilities and dock on shore behind, South Hill neighborhood in background
2007 Reunion--Bobbie Bouverat, Marian Alexander, and Toni Nagel at the Banquet
Vacant, unidentified, cleared land, with small trees and a few barren tall tree trunks still standing.
2007 Reunion--Bill Ferris, Ted Mork and Herbert Ershig
1944 Classroom Projects
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1962
Giant Buddha
2007 Reunion--Ruth (Reardon) Vaughan and Donald Reardon in Special Collections
1985 Irrigation System Installation
1947 Jean (Wagner) Shephard With Students
Large, three-story house or club-house with large front stairs and porch sitting alone on large grounds.
1943 First Grade Lunch Hour
1950 First Grade Girls Dancing at Assembly
1947 Georgia Gragg
View looking east up Harris Avenue at approximately 4th Street.
Global Lounge
1951 Campus Elementary School
1960 Students Performing in Auditorium
2007 Reunion--Penny Lea (Cyr) Van Buren (center) and Tanya Pemberton (right)
1965 Library: Red West
1960 Student teachers relax in Campus School dining room
Mount Vernon petroleum storage facility.
Frank Wright's house, Lummi Island
Football Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1971
Jhamtse Got Style - India
Viking Launch 2017
1965 Girls Playing Field Hockey
General Trophy: Whatcom County Sportsperson of the Year, 1951/1989
Super Pink Moon
Page 26
Formal studio portrait of one man seated with violin, one man posing behind him
1965 Sixth Grade Class with Michael Murphy
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Table Mountain from Austin Pass
The lava dome in the crater, taken from a distance with telephoto lens.
1948 Sixth Grade Boys With John Clark, Student Teacher
Plaza de España - Seville, Spain
A purse seiner fishing boat moving in the water close to shore in Bellingham Bay
Hall of Fame Plaque: Marilyn Thibodeau, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 2004
Pyroclastic flow below lip of crater, looking back toward Spirit Lake.
2007 Reunion--Violet Malone and Lonnie Perrin at the Banquet
Volleyball (Women's) Plaque: NCAA Statistical Champion , 2007
General Trophy: Sam E. Carver Award WWCE, Athlete of the Year Award, presented by the             Helmsmen Club, 1954/1967
1967 Puppet Show
1993 Reunion--WWU President Karen Morse Addresses Banquet Attendees
1964 Basketball
Damaged area on eastern approach to mountain.
1959 Reading Time
Hall of Fame Plaque: Genevie Pfueller-Donnelly, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 1999
Poem printed on paper, titled "The Regie of Blue Canyon," by Constance Bennett Fouty
Item 3096 (verso)
1950 Shop Class
Three men in suits stand in lobby of bank or post office with teller window
1943 Health Unit
Football Photograph: Chris Nicholl, #86, Wide Reciever, list of honors and records, 1993/1996
1950 Crossing Guards
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Trophy: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1963
Hall of Fame Plaque: Ken Swalwell, Track and Field (Discus), Class of 1986
1949 Hazel Plympton
1993 Reunion--Banquet
page 21
Page 49
1993 Reunion--WWU Provost Larry DeLorme Addresses Banquet Attendees (C) (photo by Jeff Wolfe)
College Hall
The World Is Your Oyster! - Madrid, Spain
Viking Launch 2017
1959 Math Time
1943 Kindergarten Work Period
Football Photograph: Erik Totten, Strong Safety, honors and records,             1998/2002
Road following North Fork Toutle River into Red Zone (area then closed to public).
On the Edge, Galway, Ireland
1943 Sliding In The Primary Grades Play Room
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: Academic All-American Team, Eric Brill, 2012
Sharing Couscous - Morocco
2007 Reunion--Frances (Winslow) Sudduth at the Banquet
Tulip Fesival Parade in downtown Bellingham near the Bellingham National Bank
Hall of Fame Plaque: Howard Jones, Football (Running Back and Safety), Class of 1995
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1987/1988
Timber blown down atop ridge, looking toward the mountain.
2004 Bay View of Campus
Milk delivery truck standing on roadway
1946 Campus School Junior High Students Throwing Snowballs
page 1
An expansive view of Petersburg, Alaska taken from a boat with water in the foreground
1899 Catherine Montgomery
Fourth of July beach picnic
The Village of Almandral in The Bay of Valparaiso with a distant view of the  Andes
Hall of Fame Plaque: Steve Richardson, Football (Running Back), Baseball (Outfielder), Class of 1985
1964 Karen Hovde
Aerial view west from the North Cleaver of Mt Adams showing a portion of Adams Glacier
Closeup of large evergreen trees
Man in military uniform
Engineering Class Lab on Campus
2007 Reunion--Karen Mustacich and Andy Pete Mustacich in Special Collections
Ed Powell at 530 Garden St, Bellingham
Inti Raymi
It's Rude to Stare!
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1933 Second Grade Assembly
2007 Reunion--Catharine Stimpson and Marian Alexander at the Banquet
2007 Reunion--Campus Schooler in Special Collections
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IEP Class On Campus
Fishtown map
Bright, sunlit image of forest with ferns