1924 - 1981
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1967 Danish Gymnastics Team
1927 Riding Club
Women's Field Hockey Face-Off
1927 Volleyball Team
1928 Archery Club
1926 Women's Freshman Baseball Team
1928 Tennis
Women's Basketball Tip-off
1927 Sophomore Basketball Team
1927 Freshman Basketball Team
Women's Recreation Association Members
Women's Recreation Association Member
The End of a Wonderful Walk
Women's Recreation Association Members
Women's Basketball
Our Advisor!
Instructions in Survival, by Judy Lowden our expert swimmer. Or what to do in falling overboard.
Women's Basketball Game
Danish Gymnastics Team-67
Chopping wood is warm work
Women's Basketball Team Photo
Women's Sophomore Archery Club
Basketball game
Oh, goody! Hear it comes
Tired, warm, but it was a great trip
Woman Posing in Front of Large Painting.
Sinclair Island Outing
Women on a Bus
Women on a Bus
Women Standing in a Room
Two Women Posing Together in Front of a Handmade Poster.
Unidentified Woman Posing for Camera.
Women on a Bus
Women's basketball, sophomores versus freshman
Baseball Game
Baseball Game
Sunning? Painting Shelves-Our Main Project.
1936 Archery
1938 Archery
1967 Danish Gymnastic Team
High Jump
1968 Danish Gymnastics Team
Field Hockey Match
Field Hockey Match
Blue Barnacles Swim Club, Aquatic Art Symposium-67-Recreation
What, a Raw Egg?!
Two Women Posing for the Camera
1927 Women's Baseball