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1937 - 2014
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Jon Brunaugh, Football (Running back), Class of 2007
Hall of Fame Plaque: John Skov, Baseball (Pitcher), Class of 1984
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jim Sterk, Football, Administration, Class of 2010
Hall of Fame Plaque: Howard Jones, Football (Running Back and Safety), Class of 1995
Hall of Fame Plaque: Hester Hill, Badminton, Class of 1977
Hall of Fame Plaque: Larry Nielson, Cross-Country Running, Track and Field, Class of 2000
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NABC All-American Team for Division 2, 2006
Golf (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Pacific Northwest Athletic Conference Champions, 1998
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Plaque: NAIA All-American Scholar-Athlete Award, Scholar Team Award, Fourth place, 1995
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1972
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: Kodak Women's All-America Basketball Team selection, Carmen Dolfo, 1986
Track and Field (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1992
Golf (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Champion Medalist, William Wright, 1960
Soccer (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1989
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: Honorable Mention, NAIA All-American, Duke Wallenborn, 1991/1992
Volleyball (Women's) Plaque: Coast league co-champion, 1981/1982
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NAIA Hall of Fame, Charles "Chuck" R. Randall, Jr, 1985
Basketball (Women's) Plaque: NAIA Hall of Fame, Lynda Goodrich, Basketball Coach, 1987-03
Golf (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District I Champions, 1981
Volleyball (Women's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions (back), 1990