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Pacific American Fisheries cannery on Bellingham Bay
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 5
Large crowd of men, women, and children surround a man sitting on a chair in the center, possibly an evangelist
Mountaineering on the Pacific (copy of article from Harper's New Monthly Magazine, vol. 39, Nov. 1869), page 2
Holly & Elk Streets and Harris Avenue
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Washington Capitol Building, Olympia (Wash.)
West view of State (Elk) Street between Holly and Magnolia Streets, Bellingham, WA, with brick buildings including Bryon House Hotel and the Roehl Block
Exterior corner view of National Bank - large brick building with early-model car passing in front
Three-story "Sunset Block" building at northwest corner of Holly and Elk (State) Streets, Bellingham, WA
View from railing on deck of ship as it pulls into Pier One at Seattle, WA
Steamers S.S. North King and S.S. Katherin at Squaw Harbor, Alaska
Littered boardwalk outside dilapidated storefronts, Harris Avenue, Bellingham, WA
Exterior of Suzzallo Library, University of Washington campus
Abandoned buildings with broken storefront windows
Brailing salmon -- The fish spilling into the barge.
Grassy quad and exteriors of Denny Hall and Science Hall buildings on University of Washington campus
Ella Higginson home at 605 High Street, Bellingham, WA
Hilltop view of Harris Avenue, Fairhaven, Washington, looking easterly towards the Fairhaven Hotel in the distance
Birdseye view of lower end of Harris Avenue towards docks and Bellingham Bay
Birdseye view of village of Kodiak, Alaska, and its tidelands
View from across water of dockside cannery facilities and housing facilities in background at Port Moller, Bristol Bay, Alaska
Small commercial district with unpaved road includes Shell service station, bank, café, tow truck
Robert I. Morse house, 1010 N. Garden Street, Bellingham, Washington
Birdseye view of small waterside town of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
Holly Street at approximately E Street, Bellingham, Washington
A crowd gathers in middle of car-lined main street of Lynden, Washington
Mt. Vernon, Washington
Fairhaven industrial waterfront with Sehome hill in distance, Bellingham, Washington
Hilltop view of Harris Avenue and Fairhaven, Washington with estuary waters in foreground
A worker brails salmon into holding scow
Portside deck with lounge chair on steamship Mary D
A man holds onto a net full of fish as it hangs above deck of boat
Industrial waterfront district, Fairhaven, Washington
Industrial dockyard with powerplant at Bellingham, Washington (Pacific American Fisheries operation)
E.B. Deming and Granddaughter
A wood-planked road crosses over railroad tracks that lead towards hillside town in distance
Nets of a fishtrap teem with salmon
View from above of waterside cannery facilities under construction at base of steep hill
Workers brail a load of salmon out of a fishtrap
Studio portrait of four young women dressed in fancy hats and fur-trimmed coats
Pacific American Fisheries' Bellingham warehouse with multiple rail tracks surrounding it
Photo of drawing of buildings along shoreline of Pleasant Lake, Indiana, with several boats on the water
Three men pose with life float of S.S. Catherine D on deck of ship
Butte, 1916, Elks' Convention
Several workers pull fishtrap nets full of salmon towards dock
Wharf and warehouses of Pacific American Fisheries seen across soggy tidelands and estuary in foreground
Small frontier-town main street of Lynden, Washington
Bellingham Canning Company Crew at Welches Cannery
Unpaved main street flanked by a few brick and wood-frame structures of small town Eatonville, WA
Large construction site with warehouses and residential Sehome Hill, Bellingham, Washington, in distance
Quarters aboard ship Mary D with two beds, two portholes, a dresser
Two men guide a canoe to net fish
Pacific American Fisheries' Excursion Inlet Cannery - Superintendent's residence
Manicured landscaping outside dormitory housing
Three men look at fishtrap full of salmon
Workers brail a load of salmon out of a fishtrap
A car drives down street in front of The Fairway Market, Bellingham, Washington
A holding scow teems with salmon
Large group of men outside Pacific American Fisheries' offices
Whatcom County Officials gather on steps of the County Courthouse
Downstream view of water falls in forest
Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Deming
Large group of men and women in party attire pose in three rows in front of welcome banner
Last Man's Club, February 22, 1940
A group of men, women, and children pose in front of and around log cabin in woods
Armistice Day, November 1923
Twenty seven men and one woman pose behind a banquet table under a banner that reads "Sports Man of the Year"
Studio portrait of young woman Rita Christopher in formal Victorian-style dress
Studio portrait of  H. Humphrey, Bellingham,WA
Salmon Egg Charley
Chip Groom, G.A. McIntosh, Frazer Jenkins and unidentified man in from of G.A. McIntosh general store
Rogan Jones
A.W. Talbot, owner of Bellingham Shipyards receives an award certificate
Coast & Geodetic Survey Boat Patterson at King Cove
Bloedel Donovan Fuel Depot at the advent of the auto trucking age
Bill Tarr, Feb 12, 1956
Eleven mining operations dot an alpine hillside
John Milton "Birdman" Edson
Emrys Morgan, Mr. Carlson and Harry Smith
A highway skirts a bucolic valley
Virginia Hayden
Bellingham Tulip Festival, 1928
David C. Morse, a young man, stands atop the southeast corner of the B.B. Furniture Building, with downtown Bellingham, WA, visible below
Studio portrait of Ray Walters, Bellingham, WA
Construction of the Interurban track as it crosses from below the Edgemore neighborhood  to Dead Man's Point, south and west of Fairhaven.
Large multigenerational group of people pose on steps and porch of house, with a penny-farthing high wheel bicycle leaning against tree on left
The upper falls of Whatcom Creek
A man stands at base of tree in grove of tall evergreens
A man holding his hat stands between two women while they share a laugh, standing on a forest lane
Stanley Tarrant and four unidentified men
Studio portrait of Frank W. Burpee
Studio portrait of R.W. Clark
Studio portrait of Harry Finley
Studio portrait of Leonid Fink
E. B. Deming, President of Pacific American Fisheries (PAF), and his wife
Whatcom Creek Falls?
Huge, water worn boulders stand along the shore of a bay.
Copy of charcoal drawing of Captain George Pickett
August Helgren
Dead Man's Point
Daniel and William Palmer in their Civil War uniforms holding their army pistols
Two women and an elderly man sit on logs with a picnic spread before them
Studio portrait of Blanket Bill Jarman
Ladies of Music Club
Aerial view looking east from Belingham Bay at Fairhaven, south Bellingham, with log booms at a lumber mill, and Pacific American Fisheries facilities at lower right
Steamer ferry in calm waters with several people on top deck, forested hills in background
Negative of entrance to Bellingham Coal Mine with several wooden structures, Bellingham, WA
Postcard from Washington State Historical Society museum announcing an exhibit
Teenage school children pose seated and standing in four rows with their teacher in front of brick building
Eighteen men in suits pose in three rows in wallpapered room
Enlarged head and shoulders photograph of George D. Zahn, Washington State Highway Commission Chairman
Unidentified, but likely George D. Zahn, Chairman of the Washington State Highways Commission, sitting at a desk, with the telephone receiver to his ear, a lighted cigar in his other hand
Room with unidentified large machinery possibly used for fish processing or canning
Construction site of massive dam site, possibly Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, Washington state
Construction of the brick headquarters of Pacific American Fisheries at 4th and Harris streets, with railroad running adjacent, south Bellingham, WA
Portrait of George Downer
Tuna Butchering machine - Ralph Erickson on right, Wes Randrup on left
Exterior of brick building with incinerator or boiler equipment and exhaust stacks adjacent
Horizontal mechanical boner machine, with visible cogs, gears, and pulleys, in a fish processing facility
Man in trenchcoat and headlamp stands in coal mine, watching coal chute in operation
Both sides of the scrip issued by Charles Cissna in 1893 to be used exclusively at The Fair, his department store, New Whatcom, WA
Miner with headlamp standing in mine shaft next to coal shute.
Steamer tug "Ella" on Lake Whatcom with well-dressed man sitting in bow facing camera
Unidentified close-up of what may be salmon skin
Head and shoulders photograph of George D. Zahn, Washington State Highway Commission Chairman
Looking down Main Street in Everson, Washington, with Mayor Joe Anderson standing in street in front of City Hall
Tugboat tied to barge with several horses on it, next to shore, with hills in distance beyond water
Exterior of Star Drug store on Elk (State) Street, Bellingham, WA
Exterior of elaborate, Queen Anne style mansion of Henry Roeder family, "Elmheim"
Aerial view of numerous log booms in waters of Bellingham, WA, harbor, with Bellingham in upper background
Unidentified man poses standing in front of palm trees
Fifteen men and one boy, all in Sehome volunteer firefighter uniform, and one man in suit, pose in three rows in studio portrait
Gunnar Anderson seated at organ
Portrait of Jacob Beck wearing honorary ribbon and sash
Construction of the brick headquarters of Pacific American Fisheries at 4th and Harris streets, with railroad running adjacent, south Bellingham, WA
View of early settlement with lumber mill  and bay in distance, possibly Bellingham Bay
Two people sit in open cockpit of single propeller biplane parked on grass
Aerial view of pulp mill , possibly Puget Sound Pulp and Timber, on shore of Bellingham Bay with city of Bellingham beyond
Wisconsin air-cooled engine connected to Bel-Man gauges on display
Baby dressed in long white gown, with dark curls
Stern view of fishing vessel "St. Michael" of Bellingham at dock with her nets rolled on the drum, and a long pipe extending from deck to machine on dock
Aerial view of Bellingham with the harbor in the bottom foreground, the downtown in the middle ground with Lake Whatcom beyond, and Mt. Baker in distance
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Larrabee School, 1906
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Pacific American Fisheries King Cove Alaska salmon cannery
Five men, a woman and a child standing in a pasture with four cows and a calf, mostly Holsteins, and one horse.
Administrator of St Lukes - Bergit Lee Gundeson, Nurses Supt. - Wallie Armstrong - Kay Niedhamer - Bill Lewis, Clerks Union at St. Luke's Hospital on Jersey Street
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Early Bellingham fire house with a very early fire car and a three horse drawn fire truck/wagon.
Bellingham Plywood Corporation
Unidentified man and woman in tilled field
Reverend J.M. Wilson
Bellingham Plywood Corporation