1905 - 2014
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Howard Jones, Football (Running Back and Safety), Class of 1995
Football Photograph: Peter Labarge, Punter and Placekicker, Soccer, honors and records, 1988/1991
Hall of Fame Plaque: Craig Welty, Golf, Class of 2012
Baseball Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1962
Footbal Jersey and Photograph: Photograph of Jon Brunaugh and Jersey #26 , note listing honors and records, 1992/1995
Football Jersey: Jersey #3, Erik Totten, 1998/2002
Hall of Fame Plaque: Norm Dahl, Football, Men's Basketball, Track and Field, Class of 1968
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: County-City league, WWC super-varsity 3rd place, 1940/1941
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dick Carver, Men's Basketball (Center), Class of 1981
Football Trophy: Northwest Viking Inspirational Trophy, 1933/1938
Football Photograph: Steve Richardson, Official action to retire jersey #21, 1967
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jon Brunaugh, Football (Running back), Class of 2007
Football Trophy: Most Valuable Player (front), 1960/1965
Hall of Fame Plaque: Ron Crowe, Men's Basketball (Forward), Class of 1987
Football Certificate: Verizon Academic All-American Team, Erik Totten,             2001/2002
Football Photograph: Wade Gebers , #35, Placekicker, list of honors and records, 1993/1996
Football Jersey and Photograph: Photograph of Pat Locker and Jersey #24, Halfback, jersey retired, honors and records, 1980
Hall of Fame Plaque: Roger Repoz, Baseball (Pitcher), Class of 1978
Football Photograph: Erik Totten, Strong Safety, honors and records,             1998/2002
Football Jersey: Tom Wigg, #44, 1970/1973