1907 - 1962
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Shuksan cabin
Unidentified individuals with mountains in background
Group pose with vehicle carrying skiis
Commercial St, Bellingham
Easton Glacier
H.C. and M.W. Engberg, and Mrs. Logie
Mt. Baker
Woman hiker with Mt. Baker in background
Grouse Ridge above Heliotrope Ridge
Campsite near Chain Lakes
Hikers at Roosevelt Glacier
Eagle Nest
Table Mountain from Austin Pass
Seattle's "Hooverville"
Child with goats
Woman and child by water
Carlo Cignani - Joseph und Potiphars Weib (postcard)
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 1 of triptych)
Mt. Baker Crevasse
Three Hikers
Indian Boat Race
Salzburg sculpture
panoramic view of Bellingham and Bellingham Bay (part 2 of triptych)