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1797 - 2016
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An unidentified man standing in front of stacks of wooden crates, holding a harpoon-like instrument with an unidentified white mass speared on its end.
An unidentified young man wearing a white Bornstein Seafoods hat and white shirt with his name (Burl or Burt) sewn above the right pocket
Street in unidentified town with a mountain rising to the left at the end of the street
Two unidentified women  - cannery workers, possibly Bornstein Seafoods
View of what is probably  Frederick Sound, north of Petersburg, Alaska
Row of five Troyer Fox steam pressure cookers, manufactured by Seattle Astoria Iron Works
The fishing boat "Martle" in Bellingham Bay heading out from shore with Eldridge Avenue in the background
George Francis Train from New York with New Whatcom residents
Unidentified man with dark, wavy hair, wearing a zippered jacket, smiling and looking directly at the camera
Fish processing workers (probably Bornstein Seafoods)
A dark haired man wearing a white jacket with his name, Verne, stiched above the pocket
Unidentified woman wearing a striped dress and checkered apron standing at a sink washing dishes.
Two white fishing boats docked together - the "Anna A" and the "Ann - B"
The fishing boat "Marsha Lynn" sitting in the water with two crew visible on top of the pilot house
Unidentified man
An unidentified man wearing coveralls and metal protective head gear stands next to a large mechanical apparatus, possibly part of an HVAC system or a processor of some sort
A purse seine fishing boat close to shore in Bellingham Bay with Eldridge Avenue houses in the background
Unidentified bridge
Panoramic aerial view of the Bellinham waterfront and downtown with snow-covered Mt. Baker and the Twin Sisters in the distance