1797 - 2016
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Football Trophy: Columbia Football Association Co-Champions, 2000
Track and Field (Women's) Plaque: Northern Eastern District Meet 1st Place, 1972
2007 Reunion--Barbara Cunningham and Lance Lindell
Page 85
Viking I - Urban Vehicle
1947 How's This, Coach?
Old Main Covered in Snow
1965 Students Regard A Goose
High Jump
1949 Shirley Johnson, Secretary, Campus School
1944 Bookcase in Junior High Classroom
Aquaculture cartoon
1925 Tulip Parade
1948 Fifth Graders Working On An Art Project
1967 Danish Gymnastic Team
1944 Work Room
Women's Basketball
Samish Bay Logging Company facility at Blanchard
Lumber yard in Fairhaven, WA on Bellingham Bay with multiple buildings and assorted stacks of lumber
Spirit Lake from the air.