1922 - 2014
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Golf (Men's) Trophy: NCAA Division 2 Championship Semifinalist, 2013
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Conference Championship, 1948
Volleyball (Women's) Trophy: NCAA Division 2 Nationals, 2nd (side 1), 2007
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: SOSC Northern-Southern Area Champs (back), 1976
Volleyball (Women's) Trophy: NAIA National Championship 3rd place (front), 1990
Basketball (Women's) Trophy: N-S Area Tournament 1st place (back), 1977
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1964
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Third Annual Washington Intercollegiate conference championship, undated
Track and Field (Men's) Trophy: Piper & Taft Trophy, Tri-Normal Track Meet, 1925
Tennis (Men's) Trophy: Ed Hannah Tri-Normal Tournament Team Cup, 1925/1926
Golf (Men's) Trophy:  Invitational (back), 1973/2012
Volleyball (Women's) Trophy: GNAC Champions, 2012
Soccer (Men's) Trophy: Northwest Collegiate Conference Champion, Cascade Division, 1989/1990
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Invitational (side 2), 1973/2012
Basketball (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Co-Champions WWSC, 1971
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, NAIA District Champions, 1963
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions, 1972
Track and Field (Men's) Trophy: Peter G Schmidt Trophy Winner, Distance Medley Relay, St. Martin's Relays, 1950
Golf (Men's) Trophy: Winco Conference Championship, 1946
Cross-Country Running (Men's) Trophy: Evergreen Conference Champions (front), 1957