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Worker stands next to open door of center retort machine, with pallet of canned salmon inside
Shoreline view of row of fishtraps extending toward horizon
Front exterior of brick, three-story, unidentified high school building
Students sit at desks and stand against far wall with teacher in a classroom
Dramatic sunset reflects on water surrounded by forested shorelines
Vista of downtown Bellingham and surrounding neighborhoods with several identifiable commercial and residential buildings, including Morse Hardware, The Fair, Lighthouse Theatre, B.B. Grocery Co., G.N. (Great Northern) Furniture Co., City Hall, Courthouse
View from above of farmyard corrals placed among tree stumps, holding cattle and sheep, with several men and children in foreground, barns and cabin in background
Side view of large Jersey bull on chain lead with farm in background
A group of Fairhaven High School students, most facing away from the camera,  wearing coats and hats, standing together in an outside, covered area, probably part of a school
Small community of Park on shore of Lake Whatcom, WA
Large Guernsey bull in corral
Rear side view of Silver Beach school house
Two Pacific American Fisheries ships under construction in south Bellingham, WA, surrounded by scaffolding,w ith several workmen and equipment
Several men stand on dock at Sehome wharf, Bellingham Bay, with large steamship "Californian" docked on right
Three men in conductor's uniforms and two men in suits sit and stand in office with several desks, and a ticket window in background
Vacuum steamer for steaming canned salmon
Aerial view of cleared land for construction of Alcoa Intalco aluminum facility at Cherry Point near Ferndale, Washington
View from Sehome Hill of Bellingham neighborhoods, with the Whatcom County Agricultural Association Fair Grounds and Race Course in upper center, and forested foothills in distance
Group of about twenty three men and two women and a little girl, most wearing work clothes, posing in forest clearing
Ten members of the Fairhaven high school baseball team pose in uniform in two rows, with coaches at back