1905 - 2014
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Hall of Fame Plaque: Scot Swanson, Soccer, Class of 2013
Basketball (Men's): Signed basketball, undated
Hall of Fame Plaque: Joe Moses, Men's Basketball (Guard), Class of 1985
Hall of Fame Plaque: Norm Hash, Football (Fullback), Class of 1968
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jim Sterk, Football, Administration, Class of 2010
Hall of Fame Plaque: Tom Venable, Men's Soccer (Midfielder), Class of 2004
Football Plaque: NCAA Division 2 Statistic Champion, Michael Koenen, punting,             2002
Football Jersey and Photograph: Tom Wigg, #44, 1970/1973
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Mike Franza, Guard, 1973
Football Jersey and Photograph: Photograph of Pat Locker and Jersey #24, Halfback, jersey retired, honors and records, 1980
Hall of Fame Plaque: Tom Wigg, Football (Fullback), Class of 1981
Basketball (Men's) Photograph: Manny Kimmie, Guard, 1990
Hall of Fame Plaque: Rudy Thomas, Basketball, Class of 2013
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: NAIA District 1 Champions, 1972
Football Jersey: Jersey #86, Chris Nicholl, 1993/1996
Hall of Fame Plaque: Vic Randall, Football (Safety), Class of 1982
Hall of Fame Plaque: Dwayne Kirkley, Basketball, Class of 2010
Basketball (Men's) Plaque: Northwest Small-Colleges No. 1 in Basketball, 1971/1972
Hall of Fame Plaque: Jerry Joyce, Football, Track and Field, Wrestling, Class of 2010
Hall of Fame Plaque: Frank Chorvat, Football (Halfback), Baseball (Shortstop), Class of 1980