1912 - 2009
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1984 Memory Walk: Marble Installation
2012 Opening the Time Capsules: 1912 Stone
2001 Nash Hall
1984 Memory Walk: Marble Installation
1985 Irrigation System Installation
2012 Memory Walk
1958 Homecoming
1999 Carmen Dolfo
1965 Library: Signage
Elderly Deane Hook stands on side of Chuckanut Drive with hand on y-shaped tree, commemorating a photo taken of him in same tree in 1915
1958 Homecoming
1958 Library: South Facade
1992 Homecoming Barbecue
1987 Harley E. Hiller
1959 Commencement
1995 Haskell Plaza
1997 Students on College Hall Lawn
2012 Mike Berry: Time Capsules Today
Four unidentified hikers (one appears to be a child) standing at the edge of a snowfield and tarn with Mt. Baker looming over them in the background.
1996 Valerie Alia