1797 - 2016
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Pilot Point Village, Ugashik River
Man in foreground stands on platform with camera on tripod to photograph the Smith Butchering machine, on display with "1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition" banner on wall in background
Several men with pairs of horses and mules, some attached to  buckboards or carriages waiting by the railroad tracks for train passengers to arrive and disembark at Port of Bellingham Livery Transport Co.
Fairhaven high school baseball game with batter at plate
Knute Evertz stands in his bronze works studio next to large circular clay model of classical scene of three women playing instruments, Bellingham, WA
A dam on the Columbia River, made of crisscrossed logs with water flowing out of several gates into rocky stream bed
A close-up of salmon tissue
Picnic scene in the woods with women, men and children around a table
J.W. Roscoe
Post Office, Bellingham - Front and side exterior of Federal Building in Bellingham
Street view of three-story Victorian-style house with front porch
A woman sits on the the roadslide stone wall with a man next to her, with Multnomah Falls in background
Approximately a dozen men and women in fine clothing, incliding J.H. Bloedel, gathered on a flatbed railcar, with a steam donkey and workmen on tracks behind
Negative of wooden steamship "Pavlof" and tugboat in Bellingham Bay at Fairhaven (Bellingham), Washington, with Pacific American Fisheries facilities and dock on shore behind, South Hill neighborhood in background
Aerial view of sinking ship with smoke billowing from hull
Unidentified construction site, possibly of Pacific American Fisheries cannery at King Cove, AK
Photograph of "Time" magazine September 30, 1957 cover featuring Edward R .Murrow
Cannery tender "Karluk"  in Alaskan waters
Elegantly dressed Madame Engberg, Beck Theater Director, poses at a piano.
Andrew Loft, railway conductor, in his uniform, sitting at desk with slide projector