1797 - 2016
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Exterior of Hotel de Haro, a three-story wooden bilding with surrounding balconies, at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island
Aerial view of Fairhaven, south Bellingham, WA, showing construction of Chuckanut Square, the low-income senior housing facility
Steamer tug "Ella" on Lake Whatcom with well-dressed man sitting in bow facing camera
Aerial view of pulp mill , possibly Puget Sound Pulp and Timber, on shore of Bellingham Bay with city of Bellingham beyond
Circular photograph of several men and women crowd the deck and pilot house roof of small ferry "Success"
A large mostly horizontal piece of machinery containing shutes, pulleys, and several circular drums and blades
Gunnar Anderson at age thirty-one, dressed formally, playing a piano, seated with his side to the camera
Unidentified close-up of what may be salmon skin
Toddler in long white dress, ringlet curls poses with black background in studio portrait
Gunnar Anderson as a young man, seated at an elaborate keyboard, looks back over his shoulder
Gunnar Anderson smiles over his shoulder while seated at organ
Stern view of fishing vessel "St. Michael" of Bellingham at dock with her nets rolled on the drum, and a long pipe extending from deck to machine on dock
Aerial view of Bellingham with the harbor in the bottom foreground, the downtown in the middle ground with Lake Whatcom beyond, and Mt. Baker in distance
Unidentified building on fire, billowing smoke, with City Hall in background, Bellingham, WA
Oval shaped cut-out head shot of smiling woman with dark, wavy hair
Wisconsin air-cooled engine connected to Bel-Man gauges on display
Baby dressed in long white gown, with dark curls
Huge crowd of people, mostly men in suits, overcoats, and derby hats, stand on the Sehome wharf next to large steamer ferry packed with people, all whom gather to send off George Francis Train
Head and shoulders photograph of George D. Zahn, Washington State Highway Commission Chairman
Streetcar conductor, possibly Harry Loft, in uniform with change maker, standing next to trolley