1797 - 2016
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Storm of Bellingham Bar near the South Terminal
Totem poles with realistic and abstract figures of humans, fish, animals, on façade of longhouse at Kasaan, Alaska
Table Mountain from Heather Meadows
1900 Fairhaven High School graduates - eleven high school students and two teachers pose with floral bouquets in celebration of graduation
Purse-seiner Jokol/Birdie B plys the waters as men guide the net into the water
Man holds large plaque mounted with enormous salmon
Intersection of Harrist Avenue and 11th Street, Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington
Large group of people gathered on lake shore to watch people swimming, floating on lake
Northerly view of Fairhaven district's 12th Street with Fairhaven Hotel on right side of road in center of photograph, Bellngham, Washington
Aerial view of waterfront town of Petersburg, Alaska, on Frederick Sound with snow-capped mountains in distance
Top of Shuksan Mountain seen from high snow field of Shuksan Arm
A firetruck's ladder sprays water on large structure fire as smoke billows in air, with multiple fire hoses strung across street in foreground
Steamship S.S. Norwood in Bellingham Bay
Hand-colored photo print of Mt. Baker and mountain meadow
Soldiers man cannons as mortar is fired at Fort Casey, Whidbey Island, Washington
Large group of people gathered for picnic or festivity
Davenport Engberg Symphony Orchestra - Left half of photograph of seated orchestra