1797 - 2014
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Two women in crafts workshop, assembling possibly Easter-related items from feathers, bows, bunny heads, pipe cleaners
Several people work together to skin large fish or whale on dock with onlookers and warehouse in background
Cargo vessel "Western Pioneer" moored at dock
Aerial view of harbor, lagoon, industrial buildings, piers, ships at dry dock,and  raiilroad tracks diagonally bisecting the picture
Unloading seed oysters for Drayton Harbor Oyster Company, Blaine, May 1907
A machine in a food processing plant or cannery, likely a box former
Teenage boy in arm with older woman pose outdoors on wooden walkway below stairway
Camp Go-to-it
A little by and little girl sit in row boat on lake
Three women sit in conversation on logs at a beach
Two men and a woman, all well-dressed, stand in archway of large porch of sizeable building
Mary D - Owner's Room
Formal studio portrait of man in suit and tophat
8 men, some in suits, some in work clothes, stand on plank sidewalk under construction
Unidentified infant sits on a wooden step
Close-up of older man
Banquet hall with two long, well-appointed tables seating several dozen men in suits
Driving the pile bulkhead - shipyard foundations at P.A.F. Commercial Point
A man in a suit seated behind a desk hands a check to a man standing beside him
Workers stand knee-deep in fish holds full of salmon on a dockside scow