1797 - 2016
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Group of women
Three hikers pose on a trail traversing a forested slope
Aerial view of small harbor with docks and several moored boats
Waters of Excursion Inlet, Alaska, with docks and warehouses in background
Nine adults and children sit at a well-appointed table outdoors in the woods
New P.A.F. Shipyard - After filling Commercial Pt. are of P.A.F. Inc
Pacific American Fisheries building bedecked in evergreens
Three men with the Baader 150 and other fish processing equipment
Formal studio portrait of Emma Diereck
view from water of small structure or cabin built on dock
Formal studio portrait of unidentified teenage boy
Aerial view of small peninsula of land at King Cove, Alaska, with village and cannery facilities at waters edge
Wooden boat "Ark" (Ark of Juenau) tied at dock
Deck of boat filled with clutter of machinery, furniture, other detritus, docked near other boats
Studio portrait of C.X. Larrabee
Several hikers stand in clearing on mountainside
Several people and a dog, sitting and standing in front of L-shaped frame house
Studio portrait of two seated women, three standing men, of varying ages
Display of produce and products in "Whatcom" booth made of heavy classical entablature and columns, at an exhibition hall
Bob Shield and Emil Olsen at the Pacific American Fisheries' Commercial Point Shipyard