1946 - 2020
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Peter Elich interview--April 11, 2003
Kwame Alexander interview
Lattimore - Little Pear
Lenski - Little Auto
Skagit Delta Environmental Association letter
Rawlings - The Yearling
Fishtown and the Skagit River Exhibit Card
Milne - The complete tales of Winnie-the-Pooh
d'Aulaire - Ola
Daugherty - Andy and the Lion
Indian and Pioneer Settlement in the Nooksack Lowland to 1890
Barbara (Welsh) McCollum interview--February 16, 2006
Fishtown and the Skagit River Exhibition Checklist
Bill and Audrey Nelson interview--May 7, 2007
Lyn Dennis interview [transcript]
Meridith Cary interview
Betty Russell interview [transcript]
Western Front - 1968 April 16
Liberal arts colleges in Oregon & Washington, 1842-1980