MABEL: Multimedia Archives-Based Electronic Library


MABEL is a database of collections centered around the past and present of Western Washington University and the Pacific Northwest region. You can find photos, videos, oral histories, and much more to enhance your research and academic studies.

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Digital photograph of a Melongena corona shell.

Digital collections contributed by the Western Washington University Biology Department.

A photo of two actors looking at something; one making a gesture with their hands.

Digital content from Western Washington University's College of Fine and Performing Arts.

A person looking at a mountain scene which includes a body of water, clouds and vegetation.

Digital content contributed by Education Abroad, part of Western Washington University's Institute for Global Engagement.

Three people sitting near each other on the WWU campus, talking and smiling.

Digital content from Western Washington University Outreach and Continuing Education.

A person walking on a campus sidewalk, with blue skies and green grass.

Digital content from Western Washington University's Office of University Communications.

A photo of the entrance of the Western Gallery building

Digital content from the Western Gallery (the art museum of Western Washington University). 

A photo of two people looking at a book (from above their heads)

Digitized materials selected from the larger archives and special collections holdings of Western Libraries.