MABEL, which stands for Multimedia Archives Based Electronic Library, is a central repository for the discovery, sharing and preservation of Western's digital assets. These assets include images, video and sound recordings, and textual documents from several different organizations throughout Western. The result of an intensive cross-campus partnership involving content creators, stewards and stakeholders, MABEL provides the Western Community access to digital content that contributes to the creative, research, teaching, and learning activities at Western Washington University.

MABEL supports the discovery, management and preservation of valuable digital assets. The system enables:

  • Enhanced collaboration among content creators and content users;
  • Faster, more powerful access to digital content;
  • Support for vibrant marketing, publishing, outreach, and creative works;
  • A reliable, sustainable platform for long-term stewardship of digital assets;
  • More efficient use of institutional resources;
  • Efficiencies in sharing content with internal and external constituencies.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in contributing content to the MABEL platform on behalf of your work unit, please contact a member of the MABEL Team (mabel@wwu.edu) to find out more about options and training. 

Did you know?

The name MABEL is in part an homage to Mabel Zoe Wilson, Western's first full-time librarian. Miss Wilson served as librarian from 1902-1945, and was a strong advocate for the collections and the mission. Western's library building (now the Wilson wing of the main library) was renamed for Mabel Zoe Wilson on April 15, 1964.