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Associated Students Board Minutes  -  transcript for (year-month)  1923-07

 Page 01_188   (volume 01 page 188)

     1923-07-02 - Minutes of previous meeting read and approved. Moved and
seconded that bills e allowed as follows: 15.00 6.98 3.00 1.75  Moved and
seconded that bill of the Home Economics Department if satisfactory
explained that an order be placed for a stand for the dictionary. Seconded
and passed. Mr Burns was instructed to search further before purchasing.
Motion made and seconded that Mr Baughman be allowed 4 weeks vacation to
Palo Alto. Motion carried to amend this to say Aug 3 instead of Aug 10.
Carried. Matter carried over to next meeting. Adjourned  John O' Rourke. 

     1923-07-09 - Board of Control Minutes read and approved. Moved and
seconded Mr Ford's statement be accepted and salaries (46.00) be allowed.
Constitution considered and changes recommended to the submitted to Student
Body. Report of Klipsun board read and considered. Moved and seconded no
further commissions be paid until adv. is collected for The Klipsun
management was further discussed. Adjournment, John O'Rourke.   Page 01_189
  (volume 01 page 189) 

     1923-07-16 - Board of Control. Moved and seconded that Mr Baughman be
granted a vacation for the purpose of studying the methods used in other
Co-op stores for the purpose of transacting any business which may be of
benefit to the Normal Co-op. This vacation will extend from Aug. 4 to Sept.
3 and also that Mr Baughman be instructed to submit a report of his trip to
the B of C. Submitted to a viva voce. Mr Bond aye Miss Keeler aye  Mr Burns
aye Mr O'Rourke No Movement to be presented to Mr Baughman. Moved and
seconded that new constitution be advertised in this weeks Messenger.  
Moved and seconded Mr Thomas be allowed $2.00 for recording deeds. Moved
and seconded that Mrs Roberts and Mr Shanley be unanimously elected to the
board if they should accept. Victoria excursion discussed. As it seems
impossible to get a book at present Aug 4th was discussed as probable day.
Secretary instructed to make a copy of the constitution and give to
Messenger manager. Adjourned  John O'Rourke.   

     1923-07-23 - Meeting called to order. Mr Burns and Mrs Robes absent.
Moved, seconded and carried that bill be allowed Art Engraving Co. $4.47. 
Mr Baughmans vacation discussed and it was consensus of opinion that the
written instructions were to be followed. Moved and carried that Aug. 4th 
be selected as date for an all school picnic to the school 80 to take place
of Victoria. Moved, sec, carried that sect. write a suitable letter of
condolence to Mrs Irish. Adjourned, John O'Rourke.    Page 01_190   (volume
01 page 190)  

     1923-07-30 - Regular Meeting of the Board of Control Meeting called to
order. All members present. Moved and seconded that bills be allowed as 
follows. Ptg Weekly Messenger $201.00 Art Engraving Co 11.59 carried.
Motion made (Mr Burns) seconded (Mr Bond) that Board take over the Klipsun
for the coming year. As this is incorporated in the new construction no
action was taken. Moved and seconded that Secretary be allowed to employ
such help as is necessary to bring the books up to date. Carried. Request
was made of program committee to be incorporated in the blue book  (given
to committee). Mr Ford made recommendations about the future size and style
of "Messenger." Mr Shanley and Mrs. Roberts committee for revising the
book. Adjourned John O'Rourke.