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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

1955 June Page 1

June 1st, 1955

THe regular meeting of the Board of Control was called to order by the
president, Ray Cohrs. The following
members were present: Dr. Critchfield, Lois Chudek, Bruce Hannaford, Lenko
Gazija, Mary Jones, Ed McFate,
Dave Northrup, Roland Sayler, Dr. Van Aver. Rodger Williams. The minutes of
the last meeting were read and
approved. Rodger Williams reported from the Student Facilities Committee.
Ken Anderson from the committee
presented a proposal to the Board concerning the type of boat to be
purchased for the school. Rodger read
a plan for the appropriation of funds to obtain certain equipment for the
new photography room. Dr. Van Aver
moved the adoption of the proposed plan by the Student Facilities Committee
for setting up $100 in a fund for 
darkroom supplies. The motion was seconded and carried. Bob Teshera
presented the following statement to be
attached to the budget. "To those who have the responsibility of
administraing student funds: This budget
represents appropriation through August 31, 1956. The BOC has made very few
cuts in requests for funds. It 
is estimated that essentially all of the 1955-56 income has been committed
to this budget. Aas a result, it
is anticipated that very little will be necessary or available for
supplemental appropriation throughout the 
year. May we point out that those appropriations are for the purposes
specified and that inter-category 
transfer of funds may not exceed $100 unless prior approval is secured from
the BOC. To protect your 
department from the undue cirticism based on rumor, may we call your
attention to the previsions of Article 
4. section f of the ASB By-Laws. which required that itemized monthly
reports of expenditures are to be 
submitted to the Finance Committee by the heads of all budgetary
departments." Bruce Hannaford moved that the
BOC direct the Finance Committee to append the report to the 1955-56
budget. The motion was seconded and carried.
Ray read a recommendatin from the Student Finance COmmittee that Sharon
Andreason be employed as Finance 
Secretary for Summer Quarter, 1955. and that she receive a salary of $40.
The motion was seconded and carried.
Ed McFate reported from the CO-op Committee concerning a raise in the
salary of the Lounge Co-Op Manager. Dave
Northrup moved that the salary of the Manager of the Co-Op and the Lounge
be increased by $200. The moiton was
seconded. Ed McFate moved to ammend the main motion by adding "starting
July 1." The motion was seconded and 
carried. The main motion then reads "the salary of the Manager of the
Co-Op-Lounge be increased by $200 
starting July 1." The main motion was voted on/carried. Roland Sayler
presented the following proposal from
the Public Relations Committee: moved to add to the ASB By-laws, Section I,
Article 4. Public Relations 
Committee. standing Committee and Boards. "The Committee shall consist of a
chairman and such other persons as 
are necessary to carry on it's work, which shall be to coordinate student
activities - Publicity to conduct 
with the approval of teh administration - Student Union Fund raising drives
and to collect and submit student
news to the Faculty-Public Information Director." The motion was seconded
and carried. Walt Kauzarlich, chairman 
of Campus Day, reported that $165 was used for expenses for Campus Day.
Roland Sayler moved that the BOC meet
in Executive Session to consider a Profile Editor. The motion was seconded
and carried. The board  meet in 
Executive Session and the application of Shirley Groham was read. Rodger
Williams moved to appoint Shirley
Graham was read. Rodger Williams moved to appoint Shirley Graham as Editor
of the 1955-56 Profile. The motion
was seconded and carried. Dave Northrup moved to reconvene in regular
session. The motion was seconded and 
carried. Discussion was held on how to dispose of approximately 60 Profiles
left over from this year's sale. 
Rodger Williams moved to dispose of the Profile's by burning. The motion
was seconded and carried. 

1955 June Page 1

Rodger Williams asked for permission to have the Lounge and Library hours
printed on the back of ASB cards. 
Rodger was advised to investigate this matter more thorougly. Dave Northrup
moved that the ASB grant Nadino
Schilling $50 bonus for her job in editing the 1954-55 Klipsun. The motion
was seconded and carried. It was
moved and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motin was carried and the
meeting adjourned. Respecfully submitted. 
Esther Gibbons, Secty.