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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

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May 7, 1952

Th meeting was called to order by the president, Dick Pederson; minutes
were approved as read.
A motion was made to give $45. to the collegian to reinburse them for the
salary of last summer's business manager. 
They had had to return their excess funds before his salary could be payed
and therefore had to take his salary from
another fund. The motion was seconded and unanimously passed.
The secretary gave the financial covering the period from Feb. 29-April
30th. The question was brought up why the 
Forensic dept. funds were transferred over into club funds. Also in
connection with finances, Dick reported that he
had seen the Drama Depart. and the business office to make sure we were not
billed for any expenses in connection 
with Dedication Week. A motion was passed to approve the financial report.
Mr. Lappenbusch had asked if it was necessary for the board to approve his
award recommendations. The board referred
to the Bylaws, section 2 under awards, which states that this policy has to
be followed. The secretary is to inform
him of this and also, that the board confirmed his awards in basketball and
swimming this year.
Mr. Gelder reported that the administration was adhering to out policy not
to restrict the use of the lounge at any
time to any one group in that they were using the Blue room at edens Hall
for the faculty reception for Seniors.
Dick reported that a bill for $114.84 had to be paid by the ASB as a
compensating tax for all out of state purchases
since 1949. (this tax reimburses the government 3% of all out of state
purchases). A motion was made to pay the bill
out of budget control; seconded and unanimously passed. A motion was made
that in the future, the tax will be kept
month by month and after August 22, the compensating tax on all purchases
be absorbed by the department making the 
purchases; seconded and unanimously passed. The department heads are to be
informed of this motion.
It was decided to have the next board of control meeting at 4:00, Thursday,
May 15th. The final draft of the budget
is to be due May 28th.
Dick talked to the board about the Evergreen Conference and urged the
members to attend the sessions. Session times
will be listed in the daily bulletin.

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May 15, 1952

The meeting was called to order by the president, Dick Pederson; minutes
were approved as read. 
Dick read a letter of thanks from Whitworth College regarding the very
successful Evergreen Conference held at 
Western. Dick felt that it had been very well received and that financially
we would come out ahead. Next year's host
for the conference is PLC.
Larry Wilson gave a report on the Exchange assembly. He said approximately
$393. had been cleared up to date. The 
board discussed possible ways of tranportating the show over to Central and
a motion was made that the matter of
transportation be left to Larry's discretion; seconded and unanimously
Dr. Kuder asked the board their opinion on having Mr. Sol Lewis speak to
the entire student body during one of the 
vacant assembly periods in an effort to instill enthusiasm in the students
regarding our college and its 
opportunities. These students in turn could interest other students in
attending the college. Discussion followed
but no definite decisions were made.
Morris Anderson was present to give his recommendation on the percentage of
co-op receipts which he felt should
be given back in divends. After discussion of the matter, in keeping with
his recommendation, a motion was made that 
the board of control authorize the Co-op committee to give a $0.10 dividend
on $13,203.92 co-op receipts submitted;
seconded and unanimously passed.
The date for next week's board meeting was set at 4:00 pm Thursday 22nd. It
is to be devoted solely to budget 
The faculty members on the board agreed to send a note to the faculty
members asking them to cooperate in not
scheduling tests on the day, or the day after, the students are at Central
for the Exchange assembly. 
Mark Hardie was given an o.k. by the board to schedule next year's Campus
Day a week earlier or a week later than
previously, on next year's calendar.
Milt CLothier handed out the first draft of the budget and asked everyone
to go over it carefully and ask about 
anything they questioned.
The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Griffiths

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May 22, 1952

The meeting was called to orer by the vice-president, Larry Wilson. Minutes
were approved as read. 
The board members were informed of an invitation from Dr. Haggard to attend
his annual picnic for board members and 
office staff. It will be held Tues. May 27, 6:00 P.M. at Gooseberry Point.
A motion was made setting the time limit for discussion of budget matter at
5:30; seconded and unanimously passed.
Budgets under consideration at this meeting were: Administration, Social,
Drama, and Women's P.E. Suggestions were 
made up of changes on certain items. The question was brought up as to who
supplies the equipment for Thursday night
rec. hours. before moving on to other business, the decision was made to
consider the Forensic and Music budgets
at the next meeting, and ask Mr. Carlile and Dr. D'Andrea to be present
when their respective budgets were being 
Larry read the letters of application for student publications positions
and Mrs. Burnet's recommendations. The 
following appointments were made:
Paul Gillie           Editor, 1952 summer Collegian
Lorreta Olson         Business Manager, 1952 summer Collegian
Elaine Daverine       Editor, 1952-53 Collegian
Lorreta Olson         Business Manager, 1952-53 Collegian
Clint Doherty         Editor, 1952-53 Profile
In each case, a motion was passed making the appointments official.
JoAnn Hoyt requested $25. for the Klipsun's share of the publication's
banquet. A motion was passed granting the 
$25.00, to be taken from the Social Budget.
A motion was passed that $48.52 be appropriated the Scholarship Society for
their banquet; amount to be taken from
Budget Control.
The board expressed their appreciation to Miss Heber for her services as
chaperone on the trip to Central with the 
Exchange Assembly group. A letter is to be sent Dr. Taylor thanking him for
his services.
Befoe adjournment, the Board decided to call a special meeting on Monday,
May 26th, 4:00 P.M. to deal with budget
The meeting was adjourned.
Anne Griffiths

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May 26, 1952

Minute of Special Meeting (Budget) -
The meeting was called to order by the president, Dick Pederson. Minutes
were approved as read.
Dick read a list from Miss Church of names of those attending the picnic at
Gooseberry Point. Dick also informed
the board that the Campus Day report and the financial report from the
Evergreen Conference would be in by the next 
Mr. Lappenbusch was present to request funds to send three athletes to the
N.A.I.A. tournament at Abilene, Texas, 
June 6th and 7th. Action on the matter was postponed until the latter part
of the meeting as that budget matters
could be taken care of first.
Mr. Walters and Mr. Regier were present to answer any questions concerning
the music budget. After considerable
discussion, a motion was made by Larry Wilson that the Music Department be
requested to prepare for approval by the
Board of Control, the final draft of the Music budget, not to exceed
$4,000; seconded and passed with a vote of
10 for; 1 opposed.
A suggestion was made by Mr. Gelder that a Capital Outlay fund be set up
which would allow the departments to carry
over funds, such as a robe fund for the music dept. of a typewriter repair
fund for the Collegian.
Dr. Haggard had received a request from the YMCA that they be given
permission to use Lakewood on Thursday evening,
June 16th and for 5 subsequent Thursdays. A motion was made by Dr.
Cederstrom granting them permission; seconded. 
Mr. Gelder moved that the motion e tabled until the chairman of the Student
Properties committee could investigate
the type of program they would be carrying on and if they wanted exclusive
rights for the use of Lakewood on those
nights; he is to report back at the next meeting. the motion was seconded
and unanimously passed. A suggestion was 
made that, if permission were granted, the Board should first obtain from
the YMCA a written waver of responsibility.
The matter of sending the athletes to the tournament was again brought up.
The board discussed the problem of 
finances, and a motion was made by Larry Wilson that Mr. Lappenbusch be
informed that the Board felt it was unable to
finance the trip to NAIA tournament for the three recommended athletes;
seconded. A motion was made to ammend it to
read "although the board very much wanted to send the three recommended
athletes to the NAIA tournament, they were 
financially unable to do so; seconded and defeated with a vote of 7
opposed; 4 for.

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May 26 (cont'd)

Discussion followed as to whether the Board would be able to partially
finance the trip and a motion by Merv Sliger
that $200. be appropriated from the Administration Budget to go toward
sending three athletes to the NAIA tournament
in Abilene texas, June 6th and 7th. The motion was seconded and passed with
a vote of 11 for; 1 discenting.
The next meeting will be a regulary scheduled on Wednesday and the Forensic
and Collegian budgets will be discussed.
The meeting was adjourned. 
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Griffiths,

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May 28, 1952

The meeting was called to order by the president, Dick Pederson. Minutes
were approved after correction.