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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

1952 March Page 1

March 5th, 1952

The meeting was called to order by the vice-president, Larry Wilson.
Minutes were approved as read. Milt Clothier 
read a draft of the letter which the budget-planning committee is to send
to the department heads. The letter is 
in the form of a questioneer regarding the budgets of the various
departments. A motion was made to approve the 
draft and return it to the budget-planning committee for action; seconded
and unanimously passed. Discussion was 
had regarding putting up a ping-pong table in the hall near the rec hall. A
suggestion was also made that perhaps 
one of the storage rooms in the part of the building could be used. Dr.
Cederstrom, Marv. Nilsen, and Bud Scott are 
going to look into the matter. Also pertaining to the ping-pong situation
was part of a letter from Miss Weythman, 
read by Miss Muffly which explained the inconvenience upon the women's P.E.
department caused by having students 
play ping-pong in the women's P.E. room. The letter stated that the
department was very willing to furnish a table 
if some other place can be found to play. The board plans to take immediate
action upon the matter. Dr. Cederstrom 
moved that on Paul Gillie's recommendation the board approve the suggested
plans for the T.V. cabinet; seconded and 
unanimously passed. Miss Muffly read the remaining portion of Miss
Weythman's letter, which asked the board to take 
action in starting a college Red Cross drive; the matter was referred to
the I.C.C. Dr. Cederstrom reported that the 
remaining logs will be off the Lakewood property within the next ten days.
Paul Gillie reported that the Co-op audit 
and recommendations by the auditor will be presented at the next meeting.
Larry Wilson reported on the trip to Ellensberg 
to review the Central Exchange assembly. He also said that the admission
price for Central's assembly put on at Western 
will be $0.40. He asked that the board approve Western's going to Central
for an exchange. Mr. Gelder moved that with 
the provision that gate receipts and budgeted expenditures are sufficient
to pay our expenses, Western take their 
talent show over to Central for an exchange; seconded and passed with a
vote of 6 for; 3 opposed. Bud Scott reported that 
action is still being taken on the proposal to have residence houses
sponsor mixers. The meeting was adjourned.
Anne Griffiths, Secretary

1952 March Page 2

March 12, 1952

The meeting was called to order by the President, Dick Pederson; minutes
were approved after correction. Milt Clothier 
reported that the budget questioneers had been mailed and that action would
being next quarter. Mr. Hall, the auditor 
engaged by the Co-op committee, and Mr. Earle were present to explain the
findings of the recent Co-op audit and inventory. 
The recommendations were discussed and commented on by Mr. Earle and the
board members. Among these recommendations were 
such things as checking the cash-register totals daily, recording the tax
on the registers, and a recommended sale of items 
which are not moving; the full auditor's report may be referred to. Mention
was also made to look into the matter of the $1.00 
yearly fee for faculty members to belong to the Co-op. No decision was made
as to the desirability of adopting some of the 
recommendations. Dr. Cederstrom moved that we accept the findings of the
auditor and thank Mr. Earle and Mr. Hull for being 
present; seconded and unanimously passed. Mr Hull recommended an audit be
made every 4 years. The board also discussed the matter 
of surplus funds and whether this should be put into Coop divends or put
into some fund such as the student union building. 
Action can not be taken until the status of the Co-op is more definite.
Chas. Odell asked the board to consider the following 
recommendations regarding priviledges given to retired staff and faculty
members, to apply to those members who have or will 
retire; 1. Free admission to all dramatic productions. 2. Free admission to
all athletic events. 3. Free admission to all ASB 
sponsored affaris. 4. Free subcriptions to the Collegian. 5. Courtesy
copies of all student publications. The motion was defeated 
with a vote of 2 for; 3 opposed; the board desired more information. The
meeting was adjourned. 
Anne Griffiths

1952 March Page 3

March 19, 1952

The meeting was called to order by the presdent, Dick Pederson. Minutes
were approved after correction. The agenda was reviewed. Chas. 
Odell resigned as Evergreen Conference chairman and recommended that Margy
Urbick replace him. A motion was made and seconded that 
O'dell's resignition be accepted; motion unanimously passed. A motion was
made and seconded that a unanimous ballot be cast to appoint 
Marcy Urbick as chairman of the Evergreen Conference; the motion was
passed. Milt Clothier moved that $40. be appropriated from the 
Miscellaneous Trips and Conferences budget for the Association for
Childhood Education trip to Yakima; seconded and unanimousl passed. 
A letter from Mr. Earl was read in regard to the bill for aditing of the
Coop. The cost of Mr. Hull's services was $985.75; the total 
cost of the audit was $1161.35. A motion was made and seconded that the
Coop be authorized to pay the audit bill; unanimously passsed. 
Larry Wilson moved that Mr. Earl be hired as manager of the Student Coop
Bookstore and Student Lounge and Fountain for the coming fiscal 
year at a salary of $4600. Mr. Earle is to be hired under a contract
presented by the Coop Committee for approval of the Board of Control 
on April 2nd, 1952. The motion was seconded and passed with a vote of 10
for; 1 obstaining. A motion was made that Mr. Earle be granted $200. 
as retroactive salary for the fiscal year 1951-52; seconded and passed with
a vote of 6 for; 5 against. The financial report was given 
and motion was made that is be accepted; seconded and unanimously passed.
Dick is to find out about the revenues from the Drama Department. 
The report on the cost of the Junior Prom was given; the total cost was
$284.00. Mr.Gelder moved that the Social Budget be reimbursed the 
expense of the Jr. Prom and the remainder of the ticket sales be put into
Budget Control; seconded and unanimously passed. The question of 
financing the Prom in the future was brought up and Dr. Cederstrom moved
that $300 be budgeted for the Junior Prom. A motion was made to 
table the matter for action at the next meeting; seconded and passed. A
letter of recommendion from Mrs Burnett and two application letters 
were read regarding the Navigator editor. Paul Gillie moved that Joyce
Hutchinson be accepted as 1952-53 Navigator editor; seconded and
passed. The report on Homecoming Booklet sales was given; $62.72 profit was
made; A motion was made that, due to a misunderstanding in regard 
to salary, the editors be granted a $15.00 bonus to be taken from Budget
Control; the motion was seconded and passed with a vote of 9 for; 
1 opposed. It is to be taken into consideration to set $50 as a salary in
next year's budget. The revised ASB constitution was distributed among 
the board members and Keith Stearns breifly went over the main points to be
considered. The board members are to take copies home for careful
reading before consideration at the next meeting.

1952 March Page 4

March 19, 1952 cont.