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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

1947 June page 1

June 6, 1947

Don Packard called the meeting to order at four o'clock, and the minutes
were read, corrected, and approved. 
Donna Redmond gave a report on the recent Co-op Board meeting. A motion was
carried to hire Mr. Earle on a 
full-time basis at an annual salary of $3,600 subject to clarification of
his duties. The Co-op Board will 
work with Mr. Earle to determine his specific duties. Miss Kangley voiced
the general opinion when she 
mentioned that the atmosphere and service in the Co-op need improvment.

A motion was carried allowing Arnold Lahti to be awarded four stars on his
blanket for tennis. We discueed 
the National Student Organization movement. A motion was carried not to
send a delegate to the coming 
Constitutional Convention at the University of Wisconsin. A letter from
Clark Brown was read stating that 
because the 1947 Klipsun is financially sound, the three hundred dollars
which was underwritten by the Board 
of Control is unnecessary. The secretary was appointed to write the Klipsun
staff a letter of congratulations 
upon their publication.

Don Packard has asked Mr. Lobe from B.B. Furniture to come to the Student
Lounge tomorrow to look over the 
thirteen chairs recently purchased. There should be an adjustment made
because the furniture is not wearing
at all well. The expense account from the recent trip made to the ASB
Presidents' Convention in Vancouver, 
B.C., by Halldor Karason and Don Packard was accepted.

The sports banquet would have been much more successful had a different
date been selected. Due to the 
interference of the holiday, less than fifty per cent of the number
expected were present. There were 
several suggestions for changes to next year's banquet. There was a
discussion concerning the sale of 
cigarettes in the Co-op. A motion was carried empowering Mr. Earle to sell
cigarettes in the Co-op. Don 
Brown will inform Dr. Haggard of this action.

It has become necessary to exchange the location of the men's locker room
and the ski shop in order to give 
Mr. Earle an outside entrance for the delivery of Co-op parcels. There has
been considerable discussion
on this point, and there

1947 June page 2

June 6, 1947 cont.

seems to be opposition to the proposed arrangement. The meeting adjourned
at five-fourty-five.

Patricia Loomis, Secretary

Results of the A.S.B. Election, Spring Quarter, 1947

ASB President: Halldor Karason (elected), Wade HAggard
ASB Vice President: Bob Dixon (elected), Ted Gary, Donna Redmond
Four Quarter Woman: Lee Thomas (elected), Margaret Strotz
Four Quarter Woman or Man: Art Runestrand (elected), Barbara Stocktan

Don Packard A.S.B. Pres

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