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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

1944 September Page 1

September 27, 1944

The meeting was called to order by the president, Doris Tedford. The 
minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Dr. Bond suggested 
that we extend a vote of thanks to Mr. Carver and Mr. Dack for their 
work on the float. It was moved and seconded that we appoint Charlotte 
Samples as manager of the Student Lounge. This is only a temporary 
arrangement until a permanent mgr can be appointed. Motion carried. 
It was moved and seconded that the proceedings of this meeting be 
ratified as there was not a quorum up to this time. Carried. It was 
moved, seconded and carried that the President be allowed to send 
notification to the various organizations to turn in their budgets 
for the coming year. Miss Anderson is going to find out more about 
purchasing bicycles. 

1944 September Page 2

September 27, 1944

A discussion was held concerning bus transportation. It was moved and 
seconded that the president appoint a committee to see about the bus 
situation. Carried. Ann Easterbrooks is chairman and is going to appoint 
her committemen. It was moved and seconded that we adjourn. Meeting 
Betty Herr, Secretary
Secretary Pro Tem