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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

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Board of Control, July 9, 1947, 4:55 PM

The meeting was called to order by Don Packard. It was reported that
cigarettes will be sold in the Co-op, on approval
of Dr. Haggard. Sale has already been initiated. There was discussion about
the possibility of having a card game
night or bridge party. Don Packard was delegated to contact the Recreation
Committee about such an arrangement.
The submitted budgets for 1947-48 were discussed. It was suggested that a
note be sent to each department concerning
their budget and telling of various recommendations by the Board of
Control. Don Packard and Halldor Karason will 
go over the budgets and list recommendations that were mentioned by the
Board. A pie-graph of the overall budget was 
submitted by Halldor Karason. He estimated on this graph that men's
athletics spend about 67% of our total income. 
Since there was not a quarum present the Board could not officially pass
the submitted budgets. This should be done 
at the next Board of Control meeting. There was some discussion of how we
could get better crowds at athletics 
contests. One idea was that we might ask Bellingham Transit Company to run
special busses up to the gym for 
basketball games. 
Meeting was adjourned at 6:00.
Donna Brown
Acting Secretary