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WWU - AS Board of Directors Minutes

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June 2, 1938

The meeting of June 2, was called to order by the president.
The minutes of May 26 were read and approved.
The final financial report of teh Klipsum was brought to the attention of
teh Board. There was discussion concerning the 1938 Klipsum.
The secretary was asked to submit the following suggestions to the 1939
Klipsum Editor:
1. That house pictures should be emphasized more, such as individual house
2. The Klipsum should be more representative of the entire student body,
instead of being a personal album for certain individuals.
3. There should not be so much repitions of certain cliques.
The purchasing of a dictonary for the Associated Students and Klipsum
office was discussed in response to a letter received from Miss Reasoner.
Nothing was decided.
Mr. Wilson said he had appointed Miss Molencamp as chairman for the Summer
Quarter Mixer.
Miss Seimonds asked for $10.00 for the Interclub Council Rally. Motion made
and seconded that the $10.00 be granted the Inter-Club Council. Carried.
Meeting adjourned.
Joe Thomas

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June 22, 1938

The meeting of June 22, was called to order by the president.
Since there was not a quorum, Mr. Wilson appointed Mr. Thomas to act as a
regular member for this meeting.
The minutes of the meeting of June 2 were read and approved.
Mr. Burton came before the Board and presented his ideas in regard to the
directory which he wished to put out; it would contain the names, home
addresses, Bellingham addresses, and Bellingham telephone numbers of the
students enrolled in the college Fall Quarter. When he had left, there was
some discussion concerning teh booklet. The motion was made and seconded
that the Board of control permit Mr. Burton to publish the Student-Faculty
Directory, providing he follow such written stipulations as may be drawn up
between him and the Board. Carried. 
Mr. Wilson volunteered to contact several former Board members who have
returned to summer school in order to have them serve on the Board.
The Summer Quarter Apportionment of Funds was discussed by the Board,
nothing was decided.
The meeting was adjourned.
Joe Thomas