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· · • o·o .• oo·. oo· •. ----------�----._:·· ______

To the Pres.ident arid Directors of the B ...B.&,.B .. C.R.R.Co .. 1 · •



Gentlemen: -

. I ttfhere-with to lay before you a condensed repo-rt of' .woFk









and -operatior.i.S 'conducted by me, in consultation with and


·.. !:t ' ./ :.� .. . ·.,
. .-- . � :
. ; _: : ..
the general direct-ion of your President, since 27th May -1888,




. {.t;

' .

when I received the appontment of Engineer and·.Sllp.erint,endent_,
of your Co,




On arriving here on 1st June,

y,-our p�ty,

consisting of about 3800 acl'.es of land, a small wharf

\:b'uiit. 1'�1



1883 fror:1 which ·a railroad had been.graded about 3:Ilfi'.�$' and
track laid about 1 1-3 miles to

Whatcom Creek 1

·tim. -��s

�:_: l���-�.

dwellings, an� old store- and ··black-smith· shop-, and

. tools _ and .horses, was turned over to me by your Agetit
whose appointment as Agent was s0,on ffterwar-ds transf·,...


.. · .

·., m


and Whatco.o., separated from it

and by half a_ mile,


.. ·;··


. .Cre-ek

of forest, rn:>t more than 3 or 400 people.

· Bellingham and Fairhaven lying on the Bay and about 2 .mtles


of Sehome contained


50 more.


Railroad location and construction.
••••• : 0: ••.••


After a firtnirrht sp�nt. ;r,,-.studying the situation and �ki):� ·



cursory�tions of the count;, I obtained a co·���e of


Assistant Engineers from Seattle�,. organized an. ·Engineers· corps,
cor.1I:J.enced the surveys for a 1Railroad to connect Bellingham
Bay with the Cari.adian Pa,cific Ry.
A thorough investigatior::. having convinced me that the line
locc1..ted ir:. 1884 as far as Nooksack River could be mucl1 L!:proved

I atandor.:.ed the two ..11iles of grading-done iiorth of
., C\


'}-:::>t.. �JI�rikf

The settlement of Sehone or New Whatcom contained at· t,4a£
not ove·r






. . :1




---0--Whatcom Creek, and, after �uch slow and tedious

work in running

. many lines through the almost impenetratable forest jungle, 'I
obtained a line 4000 feet shorter with

better grade$and aligrune�

and which cost $16.000 less to build than it wou.ld have done to
complete the old line.

No pains were spared in getting a

good locat"ion combined with economy of construct ion.,

and I feel

satisfied that we have obtained a first class road at a very

moderate cost, considering the country through which it runs.


Engineers and Chie.f Officials of the C .P.R. have repeatedly

told me that

,it is eqµal to any ·par½'-- and superior ·to �:ah of

their line_, in every

respect '- excepting in the lightn¢Sis �f· our



. ..·-•�11!·

rails, 50 Lbs .per yard o


. .. ·;

and structures,as also map and profile of

the aair.i. line.

In the Summer of 1888-, having -streagtbitltaed and partially-:E�-d
the old




wharf and trestle approach an.d repaired and put the

road b-ed and track through towr.i. ir:i. good order, I co:mmenc-ed
clearing and constr:uct iion beyond Vmat com Cre .::. k.

The Winter rains eoming early and ti1e shortness of the winter
days making it unprofitable to do .more work than immediately
necessary,we stopped for the winteJ;after clearing and grading
a few mile.s besides and making roads and
incidental to constructior..

.ln 1889 we

with loca t ior1 arid cor.struct ion as
��ppeared. to warrar1t.

other work

re,sumed,�nd proceeded

fast as circumstances and funds

The track reached

Nooksack Rive·r in

September 1890, and the .3ri tish Boundary. on 1st March 1891.
We found r.o gravel or other __ :aterial suitable for Ballast,
(excepting a small

quantity of Coal Ci-nders in heaps of :r::.irie

refuse at What�om) until we reached Nooksack River at 15 r:.1iles,
so after completing the Ballasting from the River to ·the

Bound-��.:.,.: ,,·.•:,;':·_'c:·',:.,,;_;kf


:...... ·

....._,:·.··. .


we have b-een working baek towards town and have now almost
completed the Ballasting of the entire line and put


in first

class condition.· We· have buil ti4 · stall round house and turntable

at New Whatcom �d turntable and shed at Sumas, and tn: a-11 � 5-4
miles, of spur and sidings;. We have built:and are o�·ia
connection with the ·p.P.T.Co, a telegraph line. the whole lerigt.h

of' our road.



.Ra.ilr.oad Ope·ration •

-----. -------------• •.• o-o •••

In January 1889 ., we eGDaenee,d hauling piles, and �-�• laat,.
. .

complet.ri the SBall Saw Mill, we cQrneneed �- t.t

with logs cut OD, �

14.n«. and

hauled gyer our r�:...

of July, 189-0, we ,e,o-:mmene·ed r� :�
. �:· _ _ lil�I.)-> . ,

mile, extending the distance operate� as �ee:ssivle
miles were put into running order.
regular train servi.ce,

2;· ,�

6n fir:st of .April our ·



( 2 trains per day } reached the B&undaiy

at Sumas City, 23 1-2 miles, our trains still consisting of a

Caboose and box car for passengers a.nd a box and flat
for freight,

or two

each train,.._in addition to the passengers and

freight bring in logs from the Camps being established along our

line. On 22nd

lin to.the exi_)ress, .two

rnixe-d. trains to

for :freight and local passenf;er busine2.rnin::;-s are likely to increase as t�e efforts n•:JW
bei:1:c made by
the C.P .. R. to obtain freight. effect.

. '·
�" �-4,
-J --

We have also a.;reed

1'dth the Dorimitn Express -Co to carry tlleir business Jver our
" ..


· ,_

�ine for 40 percent

of their gross earninGs.



(5} ,:
•• o .....

----------------•.••• 0,••..•

Our Rolling stock consists of two old lgcomot'ives brc;mght from
..; "£
" . , is about worn out;
,., e Bl
1._ac.r:l, D'· ''1�ona.
t,ne s1:1a11er o f wuicn
1)ut the larger one has just been built �ver in our shops, :1nd
is now a very - serviceable Engine.

We have also a good new

Baldwin passep.ger Engine, and a Mogul freight ·Engine has beeL

We have just recei ved fron Troy two new co.aches, a11d a

combination Passenger and Baggage car.

We have also a 4.8

?asseng-er coach whieh we :ma,(lte here, a Caboose which �a$, .sest last
year from- San Fra.neiseo, 50 old built by Mr �il:.k and
not accepted by the C.P.R. which we have put in repai-r s:0 as to
be good, · ( 12 as box and 18 as tlat car s ) and we have ais:o· 12
flat cars and 12 Rair of logging trucks built by us here-•.

3ranch R.ail Road t,o Lake Vv'hatcon.

--·-----� -oOo---------In the fall of 1888 I i:iade a preliminary locati
;r.:, OL the South
side of V{.natcon Creek for a branch Rail-road 5 miles long to
Lake What�oE:.

In 1890, I found and located a ::ietter thouc-h loq;er liLe le<1..vir1rr our main liri.e at the Sun,ni t ., 3
from the tovn-1, a.nd runr�r.g to the L4-ke oa.:. the :,J::,rtr-�

vn:atcoD Creek.





'I.he cost of eith-er woulJ riot ex�eed $75.00C.

· · e i.;�t ;__ Ii, 'uuildirn�
� th1_·s branch would be to rea,.;.h the fine


a:.-1d extensive �jdy of lying- a.round. the S,:;uti:: end of·
• .�•i,.

Lake and t8 retair::. the tr?,cle

between the South f )rk of �c'i:::s,;;.ck

and t.he Sout ..-"1 end of the Lake which nay� otherwise

el.+he-r,_. ...



which passes a few �iles fr:Jm it.

the S. .L .S .&.E .R:,r,

·t,..., C:.=-a++


w v_......

-or An;::r>orti=>s, or· b"ly a line

be diverted.







-:���� --0


'!'he re:�ent devel,opmert
... s of Coal on the East side or the Lake
wc::;.ld appe:::�r to warrant the expectation� of considerable
t� tide water, though to do that

a lar;;� s,:::ale would require considerable out lay for tracks

and bunkers beyond the above naned figures.


Goal Prospecting.

In 1838 & 89, .we did eor�iderable prospecting_ f_�r coal on the
Tributaries of the River'.

T�e only in¢.icati,ans which I

felt warranted in followiri� up and on -w:£re on
Ar.1.ders rm Creek about ten n:iles N .E. of the Bav and abe:i:ic\ .5 miles


•.·. ' ..., .. , .-.�

There we f oun.vr\T",t,1· nue ·th-e S\•1•. ..'..:1y1··np-

� '--'-' •.

•• .,_,• ..., '-•,_J-�V


_ -

\, V

V' \..: _










eit2'!.er ::.:y �irillir.:-g- 0r with a steam.Enr;ine. This Sumner we.are
agair.. prc,s_pe-:tir:g out s-o far

without rauch result.

Snall Saw Mill •
. . • : 0: ....
Early iE 1339 ,, we ::milt a s1�:all Saw Mill of about 4-000 feet
Capacity _per l:0---.::r. I operated it supplyir.:.g- our o-w-n needs ::or

1838 i.l :-::--:rver:::oer 1890, wher:. the ri.e·. Saw Mill beir1g

._,..,,I,..., J

. a.
: :) · inc�e/.se


Stat e,.,=�"--.i,.i=:-v�
, .... --o�-1- -� -r i- +.,�-� ..,rrro ,.:,.. s

+·J..l1 0
;· 0
..... u


·"',·..· ..



.. �i




life time.

By it you will s ee ,it earned $26 .·6?5 .82

a'bove ''its running expenses.

over and


New Saw Mill.


In October 1889, we commenced bU.ildin� the Bew Saw Mill.
It has been constructed in the .most thourough r!.nd substantial
sa.nn:er and started up for the first time on the 15th January 1891
Since t her. some additions, planers, dry kiln, lath Mill &c,

aave been Bade to it, of which .are still u1lfini.s�tl:•.
It has a capacity of about 10.000 feet per hour, and¥ oow··in
operation as a. sepll!!jat� and indep�ndent department .·'lili•
· :i? ·the
· --�;-'

. .. _. .. -


2anas-en:ent of Mr Atkinson, wJio takes his instructions�:;,�:>�

···:..·\1L ·

reports to t11e Presidents offi0e direct.

...·,.. .




•••• 00 •...•
In November 1889, we commenced t he const ruction of the Eleetric
Light Station and plant with one Engine and one·65 Arc light
Brush dyrfin:o ( of 2000 .C .P .Capacity each ) and coa:nenced
operatine it on. the 4th of February .1890

with 19 lights.

As consumption ±n·:!reased and ·warranted we added two more 65 Arc
light dynamos and one 850 { 16 C .P. Capacity ) West.ingholis:e

incandescent dynamo and increased the power by the addition of
th� Ene:i:;:).e 2.r:c!. ooiler which had beer. in the· SE1all Saw Mill.

ct.. re

r:.O'\¥ suppl�ling, to the City of New Vfuati.;om. 65 Arc lights,

t.:) pri v?...t e ,.;onsu.:�i:;rs---and

T.:. os e






----390 incandescent lights. stal:ement ·•Xmdi'ttL

to the Cit:, are supplied Ulider contract by which we get





-----0----$13.00 per month for eac-h light; those



private consumers are· higher rate.
B. B. Water Conpany.

Early ir.:. 1889, I co�:1eEced su,rveys for supplying Old and New
Wbateo.E1 with water from Lake Whatcom, which is 12 ·miles long and
a nile •Nide ar1d the lowest leve 1 of which is 312 fe�t­
above low tide.

Having found a good route and made ?- loca.'tion

survey 1 we revived a local tncorporation .made in 1383 f.ex ··the
sc:1.Ee purpose, subs.cribed for 7925 of the 10 .ooo shar�P·j•




. _:.-

st'::lc1: ( outside parties taking the rem2..ining 2075 sha°T�h):
procured the passage of ordir.ances by the Coun�ils of


a�·.d Seh0�s1e :;iving us all the rights we -desired for 45 ·y.��

..... "
, ;,

f:-'.Jn the 12th of June 1889, we agreeing to place hydrants?�-,;0::ar
·:iwn at street' int ersection reached by our mai&is:
and to supply them free of charge with water for extinguishing
fires, and commenced wor_:k clearing the right of way_, making a
road the whole length and prep�ring to lay pipe.


plan conte2plated a deep cut or t unnel to take water



Lake at a depth of 7 feet below low water level, but, in order to t i:.1e a,:·!d at that e3.rly and aimo�t ·
st21,ge of the er,.terprise,

I followed the edge of Whatcom Greek

for some distance from its head at the Lake for 4800 fe·et,
faljir;g 7 feet'


to the top of the upper falls, with an

18 iLch riveted steel pipe; thence on a grade of 5 feet per mile


20 ir.::.;h pipe 6200 feet� and thence with 2.n 11 inch pipe

.8740 feet to the intersection of Maple and Hish
under presure

s+.reets ir.:. New Whatcow, fallin g 105 feet to an elevation at'
t :,A.t :r,oi.nt of

187 feet above low tide.

A'----,---·---·-- -· ·--..-· - ...


:· '




-----0----I had contemplated

carrying the water as far as the 5 foot

extends in a flume, but substituted a light buried·steel

pipe tJ avoid the dar(;er to be feared from fires and falling

the :.::arryinrr Capacity of the pipe being 2 .000.000. gallons per
12.y, ir.. ,Jantiary 18-90, wb.en we CDllli..1eLced layine the main� for
dist:-ibutior:., being 8 rivetted steel an.d 6 inch and J.aer sizes
of iron. We have Mains· between Lake .and High Street11,


and 20 tnch.:

19.740 feet.

Mai1:.s in tov;:n distribution,81





inch: 58.188


Service pipes:2,




aLend. i tures $1951.09 besides a a.mount of
. .

stock on hand.
Town I.q,rove.ments and Real Estate
---------------------------------••••••• :00:00:


Among the first thir1gs I saw on my .arrival here was

need -o·f

_ .,1




---------- --- -

We have had and ar.e still having sOJne lita�atior1 aris'i.�

principally from uon �9mpliance in early days with all the

:.·?ci::�a:�----•:,_ :·c�:_;_1_-::, __:2�::.s ·-}. :
ter_:;,_�\_;r·ial ..
c -t�� :
.· d_ · 1···,-,
S ..!:.--,
4_ . t'.r,.z,, t OI ;_,,:,,
"'-c,1 1IOTUl.�,,2.
· -�
. ·-· nd t�.· t L.··1::j_�c-.S
� ·ffe.,,_,_
_. sr-,;n.
--i:,, r""'spet







. &6


a1 Jlac, ba�.d Qn :1W"rent" 11;�i? of!f�hor�l:tffetthe rnlcLJ
0f some deeds b? yo'-'r firs- Agent



atte.�r- '�d t.o •;)� strengtheEed by t
he,.�L�,in:ant,·.��i"°'''.' · .. ,


.. :









d�J:licate·::on·;.sue�-- L��t?f}-�1fi:J.�S- h'.JW�ver
not.tu�· ve�_�;rie;us .

i� ar.y of

t �#.,:'<µ,a�:..:S.{rrn-ni)���erit


���1: r was

instru2ted° .that the. no,oks w,:;.ul,�; be ·k�pt in San.�r�,
� tChat I snould
--- .










s :� tr,,,




s erJ up t o me •

t. ion

of which-,Jntc diferent


m\:tf\\,"� I ',:;t� , !


. .-. r-

1•: ...,.:.:.,

accJunts was :rrade in the S.F .Cos

office. Since then we have kept accounts here and charged to :lepart.mer.t the disbursm.,. e1:.ts � here in cash and
a.ntl. Ats" lilt.�
er .:..:.oor ir.. ;;ash or J.ue for labor or material suppl_ied to other
I attach stat�ent o:f totals of disbursments .made

here (


and Memo )

Sir1ce March 1889.


those by San­

Frapei:$-CO 9ffice, we ha:v:e uo rcecord. For a.11 complete records

for. rece;;_Pts anc. ,J.isbursments I must refer you to th e San Fran

office, wh-., 3..ll the account·s have been kept from the teginnir.g

In conclusio� I would say that I consider yot:.r porperty irl i:;ood
condit ionJ whatever has t:ieer.i. ctone has been done substaa.ntially


and. well, anc.i witt full re1:;ard� to true econom.y according to my


r: .

'views and· to th.-e very best of my ability.


. --�· .......