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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1897WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for April 1897
Volume 01 - Page 057

1897-04-10 Board met pursuant to call at 10AM, with all members and the
clerk present. The clerk reported the allowance by the state auditor of
vouchers No. 71 and No. 73 previously returned and the disallowance of No.
72. The chairman and clerk submitted a detailed certification and report to
the state auditor in the matter of the pending settlement with contractor
W.B. Davey and his creditors for the construction of the Normal School
building setting forth all the essential facts involved and the same was
approved by the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, since the
conditional acceptance of the Normal School building on the 20th day of
January, 1897, the contractor W.B. Davey, though officially requested by
this board, has wholly failed to show to the satisfaction of this board
that "all just debts due all laborers and mechanics and material-men and
persons who shall supply or shall have supplied said contractor with
material or goods of any kind upon said work or in connection with the
construction of said building, have been paid" and whereas upon an
investigation of the record of this board and the files of this office, it
is found that said contractor has been paid upon his contract for the
construction of said building, including extras, the sum of $28,088.54, and
that there remains unpaid to said contractor, on said contract the sum of
$6,654.86 and that there are now filed with the clerk of this board orders
made by said contractor in favor of divers and sundry parties upon this
board, to be paid out of supposed funds in the hands of this board, and
likewise claims filed not accompanied by orders from-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1897
Volume 01 - Page 058

1897-04-10 the contractor, amounting altogether to the sum of $14,599.91,
and whereas the state auditor having heretofore declined to recognize any
orders or assignment of claim, in the issuance of warrants, but has issued
all warrants directly to said contractor, and whereas the various creditors
who have filed claims or obtained orders from said contractor upon this
board have failed to agree upon any basis of settlement, or arrange so that
this board can determine upon the legal preference, if any, under which
said claims can be recommended for payment or pro rata payment accepted;
therefore Resolved, that the facts involved under the situation be
certified to the state auditor, giving therein a copy of the contract, the
conditional acceptance of the building, the amount of payments made to the
contractor, the amount under the contract unpaid, the amount of claims
filed for payment and amount of orders given upon the board by the
contractor and all other facts deemed to be essential to a full
understanding of the whole situation on the part of the state auditor, that
he may be able to act intelligently in auditing all claims or refusing to
audit the same; and resolved further that the certification and report
prepared by the chairman and clerk of this board and this day submitted and
read is hereby approved and the chairman and clerk are hereby authorized
and directed to certify the same to the state auditor with their signature.
Adjourned. Record approved April 15, 1897. O.H. Culver, clerk. Eli Wilkin,
chairman. 1897-04-15 Board met at 3PM pursuant to call, with all members
and the clerk present. The minutes of the meetings of March 31 and April 10
were read and approved. Major Wilkin formally reported his intention-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1897
Volume 01 - Page 059

1897-04-15 to leave the state within a few days for an indefinite period
and verbally tendered his resignation as chairman of the board. The
resignation was accepted and the following resolution adopted: Resolved
that in accepting the resignation of major Eli Wilkin as chairman of this
board, the undersigned, his co-trustees, express their most sincere regret
that his intended absence from the state for an indefinite period make this
step seem necessary, and we hereby extend to him our most cordial thanks
for his uniform courtesy and fairness in all his relations with us, and for
the zeal, fidelity and ability with which he has discharged every duty
imposed upon him as a member and chairman of this board in the service of
the state. The clerk is hereby directed to record this resolution in the
records of this board and present a copy thereof to Mayor Wilkin as a
slight expression of the high regard in which he is held by his official
associates and of their regret at the severance of the pleasant personal
and official relations which have existed between him and them for nearly
two years. R.C. Higginson, J.J. Edens. Following the acceptance of the
resignation and the adoption of the resolution Mr. R.C. Higginson was
elected chairman and expressed his thanks for and appreciation of the
honor. The importance of having more excavation and grading done for the
protection of the Normal School building, the chairman and clerk were
authorized and directed to have as much of such work done as the funds
available will permit and to engage Mr. John Breckenridge to superintend
the work upon the same terms as those specified in his former contract for
like work,-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1897
Volume 01 - Page 060

1897-04-15 requiring him, as before, to render a detailed statement of
labor and all expenses incurred and the chairman and clerk were directed to
see that the cost of the work be not permitted to exceed the net balance of
the appropriation, and that it be completed before May 1st. Adjourned.
Record approved. O.H. Culver, clerk. R.C. Higginson, chairman.

1897-04-15 [year incorrectly given as 1898 in original minutes]  
Additional record of this date. The agreement entered into between the
board by Major Wilkin, as chairman, and O.H. Culver as clerk, and Jasper N.
Warren for the care of the building, as authorized March 31, as per record,
was read and approved and a copy thereof was ordered furnished to Mr.
Warren and the original, with Mr. Warren (?) proposition to Major Wilkin,
was ordered filed by the clerk with other papers relating to the business
of the board. Approved. O.H. Culver, clerk. R.C. Higginson, chairman. 

1898-04-27 Board met pursuant to call with the chairman, Mr. Edens, and the
clerk present. The chairman reported having ordered the discontinuance of
grading to under the direction of Mr. Breckenridge, as authorized April 15,
and the clerk presented Mr. Breckenridge's statement of labor and other
expenses incurred, amounting altogether to $441.92, exclusive of $24.00 for
powder, caps and fuses purchased of J.L. Easton. The chairman also reported
having purchased various articles necessary for the use of the janitor,
amounting to $16.05. His action and both reports were approved. The clerk,
by the voluntary action of their board, was allowed $50.00 extra
compensation for his services to May 1, 1897, and his salary was-

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1897
Volume 01 - Page 061

1898-04-27 [continued from page 60]    discontinued from that date, on
account of the governor's action in vetoing the appropriation for the
equipment of the buildings and maintenance of the school. The clerk
expressed his grateful appreciation of the liberality of the Board and of
their courtesy and consideration in all their personal and official
relations with him.  Vouchers were ordered certified to the State Auditor
for the issuance of warrants in payment of bills allowed as follows:
     Voucher No. 77  -  favor of John Breckenridge, excavating and grading
around Normal School building, $441.92
     Voucher No. 78  -  favor of O.H. Culver, salary and extra compensation
as clerk, and incidental expenses, to May 1, 1897, in full, $90.00.
     Voucher No. 79  -  favor of R.S. Morse, tools, etc. for use of
watchman at School Building, $16.05.
     Voucher No. 80  -  favor of J.L. Easton, powder caps and fuse used in
excavation, $24.00.
     Voucher No. 81  -  favor of Skillings and Corner, balance due, as per
contract, for plans, specifications and supervision of the Normal School
building, $33.10.

Adjourned. Record approved
O.H. Culver, Clerk.  R.C. Higginson, Chairman.