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WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1906WWU Board of Trustees
meeting minutes for April 1906
Volume 02 - Page 041

1906-04-14 The board of trustees of the Normal school met in regular
monthly session at the office of the principal at 2:50PM. Present: Chairman
Edens, Mr. Donovan, Mr. White, Dr. Mathes., and the clerk. Dr. Mathes
discussed at length the financial situation of the institution, as shown by
the following statement of balances reported by the clerk. Total
appropriation made by the legislature of 1905 for the Bellingham State
Normal school: $80,000. For maintenance (available after April 1, 1905):
$70,000.00 Drawn out at the end of first year April 1, 1906: $34,715.72.
Balance available for year: $35,284.28. For science (available after April
1, 1905): $2,500.00; Drawn out at the end of first year, April 1, 1906:
$1,974.45; Balance available for year: $525.55. For campus (available after
April 1, 1906): $2,000.00; Drawn out at and of first year, April 1, 1906:
$1,228.75; Balance available for year $771.25. For Improvements and Repairs
(available 4/1/05): $5,000.00; Drawn out at end of first year, April 1,
1906: $4,990.51. Balance available for year $9.49. For museum (available
after April 1, 1905) $500.00. Dr. Mathes further reported on the funds
carried in banks, showing their conditions and balances as follows: In
Library Bank Fund: $1,881.09; In Incidental Fund (Cash, $876.61; Vouchers
$152.75) $1,029.36; In Dining Hall Fund $195.00. Dr. Mathes furhter stated
that the bills for April, presented at that meeting, would, if allowed,
reduce the balances in the state appropriations to the following: In
maintenance $35,036.95; In science $443.20; In campus $752.15; In repairs
$9.49. On motion of Mr. White, bills were allowed so that vouchers might be
forwarded to the state auditor, and warrants issued against the
appropriation as follows:

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1906
Volume 02 - Page 042

1906-04-14 Maintenance: 206: B.B. Imp. Co.: $8.82; 207 Bellingham Electric
Co. $2.50; 208 E.R. Croft $20.00; 209 Cunningham, Curtiss and Welch $75.49;
210 The Fillmore Bros. Co. $3.21; 211 A. Flanagan Company $4.23; 212 Ginn
and Company $2.24; 213 E.T. Mathes, Incidental Fund $106.10; 214: Whatcom
Co. Ry. and Light Co. $19.20; 215 Incidental Fund $238.38. Science: 217 A.
Flanagan Company $12.00; 218 E.T. Mathes, Incidental Fund $27.55; 219 Rand,
McNally and Co. $12.80; 220 Williams, Brown and Earle $30.00. Campus. 221
E.T. Mathes, Incidental Fund $19.10. In addition to the foregoing, the
following was ordered paid by check from the Library Bank Fund. Gustav and
Stickley $3.00. The subject of the voucher signed by the Tucker Hanford
company with bill of $50 for 250 diplomas, which had been returned by the
state auditor who refused to issue warrant on the ground that the work
should have been done by the state printer, was considered by the trustees.
Dr. Mathes reported that he had taken the subject up by correspondence with
the office of the Governor. The board expressed it self as favoring delay
in meeting the bill until the outcome of the correspondence with the
Executive is known. Miss Fletcher and Miss Hold appeared as a committee
representing the Athletic association, to request permission to locate a
tennis court on the site of the old dining hall, and to solicit aid in
building it. The trustees indicated that they did not favor granting the
location sought at the present time, and asked for more definite
information as to what the association requires. On motion of Mr. Donovan,
Mr. Parsons was authorized to select and puchase a 2-foot lawn mower. On
motion Mr. Donovan, Mr. Edens was authorized to negotiate the purchase of
twenty-five (25) cords of wood for the furnace, on the best terms possible
without calling for bids. On motion of Mr. Donovan, the expenditure of $50
from the Campus fund was authorized made for ornamental trees to plant
along the main walk to the boarding house, provided that sum proved
sufficient to secure the trees needed.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1906
Volume 02 - Page 043

1906-04-14 On motion of Mr. White, Dr. Mathes' request for permission to
purchase a second hand typewriter for the training school, was granted. Dr.
Mathes then spoke of subjects concerning the approaching commencement. He
stated that he would attempt to secure the invitations by requisition on
the state printer and drawing on the state printing fund. He also reported
that Rabbi Wise of Portland was the faculty's furst choice to deliver the
commencement address, and E.C. Hughs of Seattle was second. The senior
class had invited Bishop O'Dea to give the baccalaureate. Dr. Mathes, on
the subject of summer school, reported that the teachers had consented to
work on the same basis as last year. On motion of Mr. Donovan, salaries for
work in the summer school were ordered made on the basis of the number of
hours in class instruction, rather than the number of subjects given. On
further motions of Mr. Donovan, the following provisions were made: an
appropriation of $750, or such part thereof as is necessary, is made from
the Maintenance fund to conduct the summer school along the lines suggested
by the experience of last summer. Each teacher is limited to four hours
class instruction a day. Dr. Mathes presented a resolution from the
faculty, asking what attitude the trustees would take on the subject of
granting vacations. On motion of Mr. Donovan, the board declared it to be
its sense, that it was not yet ready to adopt any fixed rule on the suject,
but would consider individual cases. When the suject of salaries was
brought up, Mr. Donovan stated that he favored no reduction being made in
the payment of members of the faculty and employees and did favor increase,
wehre deserved, if the finances permit. On motion of Mr. White, a recess
was taken until 8PM Wednesday April 18 at the office of Berringer and White
in the Clover block. Minutes approved. Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John J. Edens,

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1906
Volume 02 - Page 044

1906-04-18 The adjourned session of the regular April meeting convened in
the evening at the office of Mr. White, in the Clover Block, in the
evening. Present: Chairman Edens, Mr. Donovan, Mr. Whtie, and Dr. Mathes.
Mr. White was appointed to act as clerk, pro tem. The question of the
election of members of the faculty and employees was taken up. After some
discussion, it was determined to relieve Miss Mabel M. Moore of the duty of
teaching geography, and to give her permission to offer private vocal
lessons, provided they in n was interfere with her regular work. On these
conditions, Miss Moore was re-elected a member of the faculty at the same
salary she is now drawing, $950. Roy O. Hadley was elected clerk at a
salary of $480. In addition to Miss Moore, and with the exception of
Professor Washington Wilson, all members of the present faculty were then
re-elected. An increase of $50 was made in the salary of each for the
coming year, with the exception of that of Herbert G. Lull, whose
compensation remains at $2,000, and of Edward N. Stone, who receives an
increase of (?), and also of Dr. Mathes, whose standing contract makes an
increase of $250. Miss Mabel Zoe Wilson was re-elected librarian at a salry
of $950, being $50 more than she is at present receiving. Miss Nellie A.
Cooper was re-elected tenographer and secretary to the principal at $840,
an increase of $30. A.W. Parsons and J.O. Lemach were re-elected janitors
at an icrease in salary, each, of $2.50 per month, beginning September. A
recess was then take until the following evening to consider further the
case of Professor Wilson. Minutes approved, Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John J.
Edens, chairman. 1906-04-19 The adjourned session reconvened in the office
of Mr. White. Present: Chairman Edens, Mr. Donovan, Mr. White, and Dr.
Mathes. The re-election of professor Wilson was taken up. After
considerable discussion, Mr. Wilson was re-elected, Mr. Edens and Mr. White
voting Aye, Mr. Donovan voting No.

WWU Board of Trustees meeting minutes for April 1906
Volume 02 - Page 045

1906-04-19 As completed, the faculty and employee list, with salaries,
stand as follows for the year beginning September 1, 1906: Edward T.
Mathes, Principal $3,250; Washington Wilson $1,800; John T. Forrest $1,600;
Francis W. Epley $1,600; Ida A. Baker $1,150; Frances S. Hays $1,300; J.N.
Bowman $1,500; Alexander P. Romine $1,500; Edward N. Stone $1,300; M. Belle
Sperry $1,300; Mabel M. Moore $950; Ada Hogle $1,050; Elnora B. Miller
$950; Tallulah Le Cente $950; Herbert G. Lull $2,000; Edna Horner $1,050;
Nellie A. Gray $1,050; Adda W. Smith $950; Catherine Montgomery $1,050;
Mabel Zoe Wilson, Librarian $950; Nellie A. Cooper, Secretary $840; J.O.
Lemach, janitor $810; A.W. Parsons, janitor $810; Roy O. Hadley, clerk
board of trustees $460. The above were given until June 15, 1906, to accept
or reject positions, and the sign contracts, drawn on the same plan as
those of the present year. The establishment of a course in instrumental
music, at an expense not greater than $300 was authorized. Meeting
adjourned. Roy O. Hadley, clerk. John J. Edens, chairman.